Thursday, March 05, 2015

Reflections, thoughts and becoming a mum of 3..

Just that day, I had parents of my students asking me: so how are you coping with 3 kids? I felt a lump in the throat but I didn't hesitate to say,"Good!"

Time flies. It has been about 4 and half months since I became a mum of 3. *gasp*

Well if you were to ask me if it's easy? I sure say no.
And I really wonder how you all brave mothers of a brood do it all!

I am not a good planner for sure but this time round, Ray papa and I had try to make lots of plan way ahead as we knew for sure things are definitely not going to turn out as it is going to be. 

Many moons ago.. Here were the few options we could thought of:

  • Hiring extra help
  • Putting Lil I in infantcare
  • Putting Isa in student care
  • I work half days
  • Stop working

Option 1:
was the easy way out but thinking of having an extra person in our downsized flat is not the ideal choice. Plus it will definitely bring up the overall costs in the household as we would be having an extra mouth to feed. But those friends out there with 2 helpers, is it really easier? I am still tempted really.

Option 2:
Good option but as I was doing full breastfeeding, I would rather stick this lil fellow to my chest and not let him go off so soon. Already so heartpain to know that I went back to work when he was only 2.5 months, I guess this was not the preferred choice. Anyway there isnt any vacancies in the infantcare with the area I stay. It is how interesting God has plan for me.

Option 3:
It is a "I would if I could" choice but alas the student care in Isa's P school was not willing to accept him as they only take in children without extra help (aka no helper, no grandparents staying with them kind). Unfortunately, I belong to both categories. I did scout around for other choices of student care but they just didn't appeal to me at all. Ah Xiu yee yee, why your student care so far....? Keeping my options open still. 

Option 4: 
A very big sacrifice indeed as I will suffer a paycut (read huge) but I knew this will be in return for quality time with the kids. I'm still pondering over this still.

Option 5: 
This was the last and the quite impossible choice I would make unless circumstances force me to. I would love to but guess I can only opt for this provided that I have to let go of my helper maybe. I guess not possible for the time being and Ray papa and I made a pact: we will choose to have a stay in helper until Lil I is big enough to take care of himself (mayb when he is 8-10?). We don't know either. 

No prizes to win for guessing correctly which option I take. 

My cheeky kids.. Oh such a love and hate affair.

As for now, we only have one stay in helper, no extra tuition for Isa and no enrichment for Dora either as our strings are really tight but guess nothing beats having a home you call your own. 

Amazing sight at sunrise from my estate

Calming moment for sunset from my estate.

And oh, I do have special arrangements from work that I work only half days on Mondays, with full days on other days. Yes it comes with a pay cut but I know I am contented.

And for whatever I have, I still have the Lord to thank for.


Dianaruth Guo said...

It's not easy to decide, I know cos I've been thru one round when my #3 was born and now going thru another round of weighting my options after the birth of my #4. But take heart mummy, one day at a time and soon you will see which option works better for you and the kids. Jia you jia you!

Ally said...

jia you jia you!! i am juggling between a mom and a working woman as well, with ah lao helping out occasionally.

it can be tough at some days but when u see the kids cheeky and smiling faces, u know it's worth it! :)

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