Monday, February 23, 2015

How we spent our 2015 CNY..

The long weekend just passed by really quickly. And I am so glad that the kids really enjoyed themselves with minimal screaming from me.

19 Feb 2015 (CNY's eve)
I had to work half day thus thought bringing Dora to my workplace was the better option than keeping her at home.

She loves this little playhouse.

Ms Gungho at work at the trampoline.

See how flush her cheeks are from all the time at outdoors?

And she just knocked out soon after I started driving home.

Then came this pre-reunion dinner workout.. ah..  seems like Dora and lil I dont look very convinced while Ray papa and Isa really got a little drama huh.

Then we literally got down to car washing..

The enthusiastic "cleaner"

The "window scraper"

And we had our first lohei in our new home!
Huat ah!

ah.. lil I still not very convinced.

20 Feb 2015 (Thursday) - First day of CNY

The gathering was set at one of my uncle's big house. The kids had a whale of a time singing their lungs off.

And also when the 2 of the 4 horsey cousins met.
4 mth old 7.3kg lil I VS 4mths 3 weeks 8.1kg baby S
Maybe this is what they say.. 一山还有一山高
(literally translated as "one mountain higher than another" - 
meaning there is always someone better than you)

And after only 1 round of visitation, the two older ones KO!
Do you happen to notice that lil I always has a funny expression.

21 Feb 2015 (Friday) - Second day of CNY

Someone got caught in the act!
Dora was so amazed and intrigued with my make up kit that she "asks" for it.
So I gave her to "try" it out. Just a brush with a loose powder cover.
I did eventually applied lip gloss for her though.
Am I expecting manicure session for her soon? *gasp*

And with a very special request from Ray papa's cousin from US, we actually had a chance to take a super rare family photo with my mil!
Thank Marcus. You indeed made everyone had such a special and memorable CNY this year!
But.. im just so tickled by lil I's expression again.

22 Feb 2015 (Sunday) - Fourth day of CNY

Just another round of lohei at my folks' place.

So how many times did you lohei?

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