Thursday, February 12, 2015

Counting down to the year of the Ram..1 week to go

Pardon me for the irregular updates here as we are still settling down in our new abode. (I only have less than 10 cartons to go!) Work has been kind to me and I am very thankful. Kids have been keeping me on my toes as handling a 8 yr old boy, a threenager and a lil baby had indeed prove to be very challenging indeed.

I am definitely pushing myself (always) over my limits (or so I think I am jumping over the edge sometimes) but I am very glad our brood of 3 is a very good number for our humble family.

And as we count down to usher this year of the Ram, the Low family would like to wish everyone ahead:

Happy Lunar New Year and
May good health stay with you always
Huat ah!

a lil lady for a lion head accompanied by a bandit tail.
this is just one of the post dinner-pre CNY activities that we do at home.

So how has your preparations been so far?

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