Monday, January 26, 2015

Sponsored review: Holiday program at The Giving Tree House

Since Isa started primary school last year, it has always been on my thought that I should perhaps place Isa in a student care so that the helper can concentrate on the chores and the baby. Well I was only more than glad when we were offered a slot in the holiday program from The Giving Treehouse (TGT) last December! 

You see, being the education line, choosing a school for the kiddos is a big thing for me. Even when my child is only going there a short while. But when I looked at TGT's holiday program, I knew they are definitely the right one! 

I always believe that providing a child's education is important but what really impressed me was that TGT's holiday program not only covers the basic program of taking care of children, they also looked into nurturing a child's character building. How often do you have a student care bringing children to an old folk's home.. or even a flag-raising event? 

This was the message that I saw at TGT on my first day of arrival with Isa.
Not only the children get to "create", they get to "play" and also to "love".

Little works of children.

Love the positive vibes in the centre.

And of course, not forgetting the enthusiastic boy.

Although Isa only attended for 2 weeks, he was totally awed by TGT's program and he raves about what he did at TGT when I went to fetch him at the end of the day.

Here are some snippets on what they did:

photo credits: TGT
Wind Sock and Wind Vane!

photo credits: Mummy Angie
So proud of my lil man.

photo credits from TGT
Play time at an indoor playground

Soon it came to the end of the 2 weeks for Isa. And how I wish I stay near enough to send Isa to TGT's after school care services.

And if you wish to know more about The Giving Treehouse and their after school care services, here are some information:

 or you may wish to contact them at the following:

The Giving Tree House
The Giving Treehouse Pte Ltd
5000F Marine Parade Road,
#01-24 Laguna Park
Singapore 449289

T: 6448 5700

Thank you again TGT for your hospitality throughout the program! 

#Disclaimer: The December holiday program was generously sponsored by The Giving Treehouse (TGT). No monetary compensation was made and all opinions are mine. 

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