Tuesday, January 13, 2015

大侠's story to usher in 2015..

Once upon a time.. There was a very helpful 武林大侠 (hero of the olden days). 
Ok please pardon him for the attire as he was rushing off to his cousin's Leia's full month party.

This 大侠 loves his tuxedo.

One day.. He wanted to help his siblings as everyone is busy shifting to a new abode.

this is 大侠's big bro by the way. Hmm.. Seeing this mess, he decided to change his mind. He went to his sister instead.

This is yet another sight that turned him off. So he went to his parents... Hoping he can help them in a way or two.

But this made him even more devastated. He really hope to help but soon it was time for bed.

Thus our 大侠 went into a deep slumber...

大侠 could not help but fell deep asleep on his Dad's shoulder. This 大侠's skills was very deep and profound till he could even maintain his saliva's movement even when he is asleep.

Want to know more of this 大侠's adventure? Stay tuned...

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