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Review of the NEW Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro

Being a new or a old timer mom, breastfeeding (bf) is always the top topic right after birth. I could not resist not thinking about it. And for me, it was not at all an easy journey. I didnt bf much or long enough for Isa (say only about 3 weeks or so), perhaps that was why I decided to bf Dora a lil longer (managed to bf for about 3 mths+). And now for lil I, I really hope I can stretch a lil longer. So I bought not 1, but 2 breastpumps (1 manual and 1 electric) and even had to borrow my bestie's double pump as a backup. See how determined I am this round?

And to help make my current bf journey even better, the kind people at Pigeon actually sent me this NEW model of electric breast pump pro to me for a review. It was like YIPEE!!

As Pigeon designs this new model of breastpump, 
they designed with the asian mum in mind.

History of Pigeon
Established in 1957, PIGEON is one of the world’s most trusted brands of baby products and is dedicated to meeting the needs of mothers and infants by offering innovative, affordable, comfortable and convenient products. 

It is proud to launch a new range of breast pumps that are crafted based on the company’s latest research findings on the best design for mothers to ultimately express and store milk with ease. The pumps boast two new features – 

Comfort ProperFitTM Soft Silicone Cushion and 
Made from soft and flexible silicone, PIGEON’S patented cushion is air-tight and moulds easily to the breast, providing a secure seal and comfortable fit that prevents air leakage during expression, which allows mothers to maximise milk flow. Based on research on Asian mothers in particular, PIGEON has customised two cushion sizes – regular (23mm in diameter) and large (27mm in diameter) – which are included in each breast pump set.

2-Phase Technology: Stimulation and Expression Mode The electric breast pumps are designed with two modes that enable mothers to successfully express milk efficiently.

Mothers who need help to stimulate the breast can use the stimulation mode where the pump is able to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm that sends a milk ‘let-down’ signal to the breast to initiate milk flow.

Mothers can also enjoy customisable pumping with the expression mode that provides varying levels of suction power and speed, giving them the option of expressing milk in a shorter time. This helps mothers to express the hind milk – the high-fat and calorie-rich breast milk usually only present in the last stage of breastfeeding – more quickly. The hind milk helps babies to feel full for longer between feeds.

Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro
  • Comes with Comfort ProperFitTM Soft Silicone Cushion in 2 sizes (Regular 23mm / Large 27mm)
  • 2-phase technology function consisting of a Stimulation and Expression Phase that closely simulates a
  • natural feeding pattern 
  • Customised pressure and speed pumping: choose from a suction strength dial with 7 pressure level
  • settings and 4 suction speed 
  • User-friendly LED monitor that shows relevant information such as the duration of stimulation and
  • expression 
  • Comes with two modes of operation: electric or battery
  • Backflow prevention feature which ensures that milk does not flow back to the funnel
  • Includes a bottle and a stand to secure bottle and prevent spills

This was my milk collection right after lunch.  

Pumping milk in the middle of the night.

My experience so far with the New Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro:
  • The whole set of pump, wiring, bottle and all can fit into a small carrier, as compared to other bigger, bulkier models of breast pumps.
  • I like the illuminated screen and it also show long I have pumped so far.
  • They even show the intensity of the strength of the pump.
  • It is much quieter than the other brands of electric breast pump. The noise emitted from the pump was so insignificant that my colleagues didnt even realized I was pumping milk at my desk, right under my bf shawl!
  • The parts are easy to wash and assemble.
So Pigeon, can you please design a dual pump for this model? :D ok maybe I am too greedy. For now, I know this pump will go a long way with me. I also hope my review also helps you to decide your decision of choosing a good pump. Do give this model a try and I am sure you will not regret it.

Anyway here are some personal tips of mine to keep your bf journey going:
  • bf right after birth. You may request for the nurses to place baby and thus latch baby to help stimulate your hormones to get them ready for bf. Bf throughout your stay at the hospital. Dont feel bad about producing just one drop of milk for the baby as it was meant to be that way!
  • no time to latch baby? just pump! and at least pump till you feel your breasts are soft or empty.
  • dont stress yourself out when there is less milk being pumped out. Just relax and let the pump do its job. Read a magazine or browse thru your phone and take a look at your baby's pictures. 
  • Stay hydrated! I have had several pumps that would only collect less than 100ml from both breasts. Only did I realized that I did not drink much water through out the day rather. So after several days of "water parade", my milk supply from both sides can reach a much healthier amount.
  • Dont take it too hard when people make senseless comments such as "huh.. so little milk for your baby?" or "actually bf is so troublesome".. hmm for me.. "I just try my best". Period.
#Disclaimer: The NEW Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro were sponsored by Pigeon. All opinions are 100% mine.

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