Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy birthday to Isa and Dora..

We always have an early celebration for our birthdays at my folks' place.
This year was not an exception. And as the kiddos' birthdays were exactly a week apart, celebrating them together was just the easy way out.
And since Dora was old enough to make her own request, she asked for her own cake.

Black & White Russian Chocolate cake inside.

Can I say this is like my favourite cake of the year? Being a non chocolate fan, I could not help but keep digging into this cake for more.

Red Velvet cake with chocolate malt buttercream filling with cream cheese pink ombre stripes and flowers.

Being a all time favourite fan or RVC, this super dense cake was like superbly rich! Hmm there goes my diet.

These WOW cakes are from Créme Society and she is my personal friend.
Not promising you that you can get a discount but im sure you will not be able to find any replica of her cakes elsewhere as they are homemade with love. She is also one of the best halal homebakers who always have new creations in her pipeline as she puts in efforts in always upgrading herself just to provide the best for her customers.

this year we invited cousin J over so imagine it was like triple the fun!

Happy birthday kids.

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