Saturday, November 22, 2014

Isaiah is 1 month! Celebration part 1..

Blessed with good weather and in the company of good friends, we held a simple buffet dinner in lieu of Isaiah's full month on 21/11 (Friday).

Most important of all.. Confinement is over!

A big thank you for my very last minute request for this very sweet and nice baby boy ballon bouquet.

Do look into their Facebook for more pictures and mention rayconniebaby for a special discount! FYI they have hampers services too!

Due to time constraint and orders limitation, the only reliable caterer took our order and delivered them on time and I would say the standard of the food was satisfying. 

Did this montage with my phone app and thought it was quite funny.

Yet another chance for Ray Papa to showcase his hidden talent.

Not to mention that we also prepared the usual full month cake for our close friends.

 And this time round, mama Connie decided to add little tinge of fun for the children as well.

Xav's Korkor was so such a sweetheart to Isaiah. :)

Not forgetting special guests who made my night.

Thank you to all the Aunties and Uncles.. Jiejie and Korkor who came to Isaiah's full month celebration. Your presence was really important to us..
Till later.. To continue with part II of the Isaiah's full month celebration.

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