Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to take wefies with babies..

You know.. A lot of people always wonder how to get their lil ones to pose for the camera.. I would say.."simple..  Everything starts from young! And practice makes perfect!"

Before they can pose.. "Pose" them! Rather.. Position then in an ideal way facing the camera.. Like the above. 

Or like this.. Get the older ones to pose first before positioning the youngest one in. 

Ok this one may not be such a nice expression but it looks like lil I is looking forward at least! And it seems like we have more fun than the main character aka lil I. He must be wondering what is the fuss about.

Ok these are the individual ones..

They may not be as nice as yet but at least this is a good start to having another poser king :)

Have fun!

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