Saturday, November 22, 2014

Isaiah is 1 month! Celebration part 1..

Blessed with good weather and in the company of good friends, we held a simple buffet dinner in lieu of Isaiah's full month on 21/11 (Friday).

Most important of all.. Confinement is over!

A big thank you for my very last minute request for this very sweet and nice baby boy ballon bouquet.

Do look into their Facebook for more pictures and mention rayconniebaby for a special discount! FYI they have hampers services too!

Due to time constraint and orders limitation, the only reliable caterer took our order and delivered them on time and I would say the standard of the food was satisfying. 

Did this montage with my phone app and thought it was quite funny.

Yet another chance for Ray Papa to showcase his hidden talent.

Not to mention that we also prepared the usual full month cake for our close friends.

 And this time round, mama Connie decided to add little tinge of fun for the children as well.

Xav's Korkor was so such a sweetheart to Isaiah. :)

Not forgetting special guests who made my night.

Thank you to all the Aunties and Uncles.. Jiejie and Korkor who came to Isaiah's full month celebration. Your presence was really important to us..
Till later.. To continue with part II of the Isaiah's full month celebration.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy birthday Popo..

My very beautiful mom turn 60 today. As usual we had a small scale celebration with a yummy durian cake last weekend.

Nevertheless Happy birthday to the most important woman in my life.

We love you so much!

Ray, Connie
Isa, Dora and lil I

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to take wefies with babies..

You know.. A lot of people always wonder how to get their lil ones to pose for the camera.. I would say.."simple..  Everything starts from young! And practice makes perfect!"

Before they can pose.. "Pose" them! Rather.. Position then in an ideal way facing the camera.. Like the above. 

Or like this.. Get the older ones to pose first before positioning the youngest one in. 

Ok this one may not be such a nice expression but it looks like lil I is looking forward at least! And it seems like we have more fun than the main character aka lil I. He must be wondering what is the fuss about.

Ok these are the individual ones..

They may not be as nice as yet but at least this is a good start to having another poser king :)

Have fun!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Birth story of #3.. Childbirth made easy

16/10 (Thursday) 37 weeks +2 days 
Antenatal check. Gynae gave green light to wait for another several days as cervix was not open. I actually heave a sigh of relief as I was more keen on completing my work aka attend my student's graduation concert on 18/10 (Saturday). Call me obstinate, call me responsible.. whatever. I was me. That workaholic me wanting to work till the last lap.

18/10 (Saturday) 37 weeks +4 days

Concert came and went smoothly. Ah lao was there to give me moral support. I attended and completed the graduation march down the aisle with my K2s and lil Mr I in my tummy with pride. Thank you parents for ever being so supportive.

21/10 (Tuesday) 38 weeks 2pm

Considered last antenatal check up. Saw Gynae at 2pm and he said,"You are ready to give birth! Cervix is 3 cm dilated!" (so yay or nay?)Both ah lao and I went into this frenzy thing again.. We were like.."what? Now? admit like now?"

Gynae say," ok we will admit you NOW." He did a membrane sweep and said he will burst my waterbag and these will all help speed up labour (read: pain is coming my way). Oh no.. the anxiety thing is coming back all over again. Soon I was happily being directed to the observation ward in the labour ward to "get ready". They had to do the normal procedures which includes asked standard questions about my medical history etc. Ah lao was settling the administrative work for me.

Surprisingly after about 2 hours... in which time flew past, the nurses were instructed to move me to the labour ward. It was how very strange that day the labour wards were really crowded. Out of the 10 labour wards, there were at least 7-8 labour wards were occupied all at the same time. Yes ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Gynae came and burst the waterbag and announced that I was 5 cm dilated. Yipee!
Soon I had to send ah lao off to fetch his lil girlfriend from school. So I was left ALONE in the labour ward. 

After about an hour of monitoring, the nurse was unsure again. Gulps* Unsure as she tried to tell me that the results for my BP was bad. It was generally high.. it would be high whenever my contractions came along and these contractions were making my body to be under distress thus making the BP shoot. Averagely 150/100.. you say high or not. The nurse just explained and advised me to take epidural as she said it would help to ease my pain. I was not even hesitating. I did not even wait for ah lao's arrival to decide that I am taking the jab as we had already discussed earlier before this that I would take the jab this time round if necessary. And since the necessary moment has arrived, I just signed on the line. Anaesthetist came and she made the whole experience such a casual affair. I was only suppose to keep still for a mere 2minute and viola! Jab was in the spine and 20minutes later, I could hardly feel any contractions! :D

my drip.
one channel for the drip to induce labour, one for epidural.

In this period of waiting for ah lao to come back, I only had my best friend (my phone of course) to accompany me. Thank goodness for social media, WA and the supportive team of nurses who took very good care of me during this long wait. Since my previous experience with Dora's birth was not such a pleasant one, I could not help but had to reiterate that I do not want to give birth unassisted again. The team of nurses were very kind and even commented that she had to "watch me like a hawk". Nurse Daphne, thank you for your kind and affirmative words. They made me feel so assured that I was in good hands.
Bu still it was quite an ardous wait because.. because ah lao finally arrived at 7pm+ with dinner of course. And I was so hungry. But the pain somehow took away the appetite as I rem I merely took less than 5 mouthful of the beehoon soup that ah lao packed for me.

I could not take the pain anymore. I told my nurse and prob this lady PH doctor who was prob the standby doctor on shift that I feel like passing motion. Hmm ok.. if you know me, I always describe childbirth as almost the same feel as doing the big business but just that it is of a different target area. The PH Dr was literally standing by in front of as my very tight and close contractions came. She knew baby was on the way and they had to call the gynae. Soon after, gynae arrived at about 820pm. So there was this continuous commotion about gynae asking me to push and not to push at certain moments. They even joke that baby was so ready to come out that they could feel that baby can slide out even when I was just breathing. You seriously need humour in the labour ward, trust me.

So when the moment came, I remembered very clearly that I only did one final push. Then when I opened my eyes, all I saw was this beautiful baby on top of my tummy.

I was pushed back to the ward. And conclusion about this whole childbirth: I finally believe in epidural is such a godsend!

My littlest again. So angelic.

Ray papa with the latest member in our family.
Did they say 5 is the new black?

Me and didi in the car, on the way home.

There you go, my (most prob) last birth story. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. But thank you TMC for providing me with a very good and comfortable stay, if not for your hefty bills.

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