Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The arrival of Isaiah..

Hello lil buddy. 

Due to a health issue, I had to take epidural this time round and it proved to be such a life saver! Not only it made the delivery so fast, it was really done seamlessly with little effort! Only one big push and he was out! Wait for my birth story soon. Even my incision was such a minor one that it only required one stitch!

So today.. The whole village had to come with much anticipation.

Ray papa with the 3 little ones..

Not forgetting our tradition of buying an "acceptance" gift on behalf of the littlest one for the older siblings.

And.. Presenting my newest littlest angel in the house. 
Isaiah Low. :)

Thank you all again for your wonderful blessings.


Sernapso said...

Look a lot like u darling

pc said...

Such a gorgeous little angel! Congrats Connie^^.

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