Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Never say these to a pregnant woman..

Pardon me for my pre natal hormonal mood swings but sometimes I think some people simply have no brains when they start asking you some dumba$$ questions. You know you are so annoyed when these questions keep coming back to you. And I am definitely not someone who has the patience to be nice.

Q: "Wah you perspire so much ah?" (And this came from a mom of 2)
A: (first dumbfounded then..)
"oh ya? You never see perspiration before?"

Q: "you have twins ah?"
A: (when obviously it is just one) "dunno leh". *sniggers*

Q: (for the umpteen time) "when you going on leave? Stomach so big!"
A: "ok la.. Still can get bigger." *roll eyes*

Q: "so you are a mom of 2, so this should be easy for you?"
A: "seriously I'm not sure. I even just had a nightmare last night about my bursting waterbag, you wanna know what happened after that?"

So you see.. We are not trying to be mean. But some questions are not meant  to be ask, especially when it is on repeated mode. Tyvm.

In conclusion

Have a nice week ahead. Counting down  to the start of my ML. 

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