Monday, October 20, 2014

Counting down starts for lil Mr I..

This time round, although things may look "easier" yet apparently not so. Now that we are crossing over to week 38 soon for lil Mr I. Things seems to be much more challenging and different this time.

The whole anxiety issue kicked in since the preparation for my school parent teacher meeting and concert started about 2 months ago. I went through quite a weary period of late nights during that period of time. I was beyond exhaustion. But now with my final projects of the above two are over, things seemed to settle a little more. Although I haven't officially start my maternity leave yet but I'm currently clearing some leave just to await the arrival of the lil one. 

But panic is not over yet as I still have a pri school goer who is having tests through out this and next week.. Not to forget my lil toddler who is building her mind of her own with her temper throwing stage. And just last Thursday, my gynae advised that I could be induced this week as lil Mr I is bigger than expected. *gasp*

So within a very short period (again), we had to gather what's necessary to receive the arrival of our new member of the family. 

Items checked: Cot assembled, hospital bag packed, admission letter packed, baby clothes washed, presents for the kids bought.. 

Items unchecked: husk pillow, set of pillow and bolsters.. What else?

Once again I pray hard to God to shower me with perserverance and strength again for the birth of our lil I. But of course not forgetting also for gynae to arrive on time.

The big sista excited over her lil bro's items.

The whole gang going goo goo gaga while assembling the cot for the lil one.

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