Friday, October 24, 2014

{Review} Preggers range of products..

While I'm happily nursing my newborn away.. I am only more than happy to be able to share with you my personal review of the above products that are newly launched by Preggers!

How apt and kind of the people at Spring Maternity to send me 2 pairs of Preggers (a pair of tights and a pair of footless tights)  for me to try.. !

Preggers uses advanced technologies for developing products that are fashionable and comfortable while delivering the health benefits you need. 

All Preggers products are made with moisture wicking fibers and are soft, cool, and comfortable. They are also 100% made in the USA. 


True gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking improving circulation. Support hose or graduated compression legwear has often been recommended for use during pregnancy to help energize tired, achy legs and to help reduce and prevent swelling. They are also ideal for individuals required to sit or stand for long periods of time.


Finally, maternity compression products where you, expecting moms, are being heard. No more stigma of the old, “yucky” compression that is available in only a few styles, off-trend colors, is uncomfortable, hard to get on, and expensive. just want you to feel AND look great! 

And if you are looking at something versatile that you can wear during your maternity, look no further! How about I share with you some advantages of wearing a pair of Preggers tights? They can:
  • Offers True Gradient Compression (checked)
  • Helps to Prevent Swelling (checked)
  • Energizes Tired Legs and Feet (checked)
  • Available in Fashionable Colors (checked)
  • Comfort Heel and Toe (Trouser Socks) (checked)
  • Rounded, reinforced Toe (Pantyhose, Tights, and Knee Highs) (checked)
  • Smooth Seams that Lay Flat (checked)
  • Keeps its shape after multiple wears and washes (checked)
  • Soft, Smooth, Non-Binding Waist Band (checked)
  • Soft Yarns Stretch with a Growing Belly (checked)
  • Helps Support a Growing Belly (checked
  • Won’t Cling to Clothes (checked)
in fact... all checked!

Who say pregnant cannot enjoy comfort with style?

Here is a #ootd of me in a pair of Preggers footless tights.

See how versatile and comfortable this pair of footless tights look with my then 32 weeks tummy? :) 

And here is another shot of my then 38 weeks tummy with the pair of leggings I received. More than enough space for my ever growing tummy!

The leggings are slightly thicker and more opaque, while the footless tights have a bit of a shiny sheen. Both are comfortable and go well with long tops or short dresses (and I hear you can continue wearing these after birth!)

Spring Maternity is the exclusive distributor of Preggers in Singapore and it is now available in all 5 of their outlets! You can also purchase Preggers online at

#Rayconniebaby received 2 pairs of tights from Spring Maternity just for review purposes and no monetary compensation was made. Views and opinions are of Rayconniebaby's own and are not affected by the products received. Formal information are extracted and provided by Spring Maternity.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The arrival of Isaiah..

Hello lil buddy. 

Due to a health issue, I had to take epidural this time round and it proved to be such a life saver! Not only it made the delivery so fast, it was really done seamlessly with little effort! Only one big push and he was out! Wait for my birth story soon. Even my incision was such a minor one that it only required one stitch!

So today.. The whole village had to come with much anticipation.

Ray papa with the 3 little ones..

Not forgetting our tradition of buying an "acceptance" gift on behalf of the littlest one for the older siblings.

And.. Presenting my newest littlest angel in the house. 
Isaiah Low. :)

Thank you all again for your wonderful blessings.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Counting down starts for lil Mr I..

This time round, although things may look "easier" yet apparently not so. Now that we are crossing over to week 38 soon for lil Mr I. Things seems to be much more challenging and different this time.

The whole anxiety issue kicked in since the preparation for my school parent teacher meeting and concert started about 2 months ago. I went through quite a weary period of late nights during that period of time. I was beyond exhaustion. But now with my final projects of the above two are over, things seemed to settle a little more. Although I haven't officially start my maternity leave yet but I'm currently clearing some leave just to await the arrival of the lil one. 

But panic is not over yet as I still have a pri school goer who is having tests through out this and next week.. Not to forget my lil toddler who is building her mind of her own with her temper throwing stage. And just last Thursday, my gynae advised that I could be induced this week as lil Mr I is bigger than expected. *gasp*

So within a very short period (again), we had to gather what's necessary to receive the arrival of our new member of the family. 

Items checked: Cot assembled, hospital bag packed, admission letter packed, baby clothes washed, presents for the kids bought.. 

Items unchecked: husk pillow, set of pillow and bolsters.. What else?

Once again I pray hard to God to shower me with perserverance and strength again for the birth of our lil I. But of course not forgetting also for gynae to arrive on time.

The big sista excited over her lil bro's items.

The whole gang going goo goo gaga while assembling the cot for the lil one.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Never say these to a pregnant woman..

Pardon me for my pre natal hormonal mood swings but sometimes I think some people simply have no brains when they start asking you some dumba$$ questions. You know you are so annoyed when these questions keep coming back to you. And I am definitely not someone who has the patience to be nice.

Q: "Wah you perspire so much ah?" (And this came from a mom of 2)
A: (first dumbfounded then..)
"oh ya? You never see perspiration before?"

Q: "you have twins ah?"
A: (when obviously it is just one) "dunno leh". *sniggers*

Q: (for the umpteen time) "when you going on leave? Stomach so big!"
A: "ok la.. Still can get bigger." *roll eyes*

Q: "so you are a mom of 2, so this should be easy for you?"
A: "seriously I'm not sure. I even just had a nightmare last night about my bursting waterbag, you wanna know what happened after that?"

So you see.. We are not trying to be mean. But some questions are not meant  to be ask, especially when it is on repeated mode. Tyvm.

In conclusion

Have a nice week ahead. Counting down  to the start of my ML. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Week 35.. Lil Mr I..

Apparently the statistics has increased tremendously.
Me +9kg and lil Mr I estimated at a whopping 2.5kg-2.7kg. Gynae even made fun of me and said it is another lil sumo on the way.
It is of no wonder why my back is breaking and my feet are getting more swollen by each day. Ouch.
Counting down game.
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