Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Comparisons of the siblings in the tummy..

Is it just me but I have a fetish for my ever growing tummy.
So here is a comparison of all same old tummy at a similar stage of all my pregnancies, hopefully I can and will close factory after this round.

Anyway the weight gain so far for this pregnancy has been "well maintained"
Last check weight gain at 32 weeks
Me +6kg, lil I at 2kg

Though I can't wait to pop with my strenuous backaches and dizzy spells but I would think finishing my concert at my 37 weeks w my fellow colleagues is just what I hope to get off the list.

So let's keep our fingers cross.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How has September been for you?

As we move quickly into the last quarter of the year, I do realized that it has been a quiet month over here.. Well please pardon me while I spend more time slacking on the bed, or even taking naps on weekends as walking around with a 2kg and growing-even-tummy with 2 kids in toil is really not a joke at times.

Nah I am not admitting I am getting old but just that energy level has been really different as compared to previously. And I can't wait to pop! But I have another official 8 weeks to go. As such, u mean we only have 3 months left for this year?
But here are some eventful moments so far for Sept for us.

4 Sept 
Ray papa's birthday with the lil ones at home
A very low key celebration this year and poor papa had to buy his own birthday cake! :D
And we are really thankful for such blissful moments in our lives.

5 Sept
Teacher's Day gifts for the kiddos' teachers.
I am so proud of creating my own wrapper using the mundane brown paper.
All you need is patience and creativity.
Not forgetting the right tools!

6 Sept
virigin and failed attempt at baking bread.
I think I need a bread machine.
*Hint: giving house warming gifts ideas = electrical appliances or vouchers are all acceptable. Hiak

10 Sept
#cheapthrill way of #screenfree moments for Dora.
Guilty as charged. I don't deny moments when we allow the kiddos to use gadgets but I am only glad that we are also trying our best to create these simple screen free moments for them as well.

And all you need is a old bathtub with your desirable amount of water, some underutilised sandplay/waterplay toys and voila!
One happy child.

Disclaimer: Adult supervision is required.

11 Sept
Trial art class for Isa at HeART studio doing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles canvas.
Amazing place with amazing people.
Our new target for Isa's next holiday program. :)

12 Sept
Movie: Planes 2 - Fire and Rescue
A must-do during the school holidays with Isa!
Simply loves it as it was bonding time between the pop and the son.

13 Sept
Our weekly grocery session jus seemed more fun with Dora and my helper around. 

And so fast half a month of September is gone. How has September been for you?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Vaby box for August..

Is it my pregnancy brains that I have totally forgotten to post about the wonderful range of products that I had received from Vaby!

Oh man.. imagine you subscribe to a mere $18.90* per month and you get products worth more than $60! How cool can that get? Definitely worth every cent of your subscription!

So here is it, the box of August from Vaby with the following products

  • personalised sized Korean Adhesive Labra (worth $49.00) 
  • cute Zoo bib (worth $4.90)
  • Lavender fields concentrated Laundry Poweder by Idocare sample - I love the afterwash scent!
  • Nurtureme Organic Food sample - even I can't help but take a bite from the pack!
  • Portable Pencil Mini Fan (so handy in our weather!)
  • Kids Party Entertainment Voucher 
  • The Playhouse Unlimited Play Voucher 
That is why I say.. 
"Keep Calm and Vaby!"

#Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby receives Mum and Baby boxes with compliments from Vaby. All experience and opinions on products are my own.
*Terms and conditions apply for giveaway boxes.
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