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{Review and Giveaway of Neuroscholar Junior} Going to step Into Primary 1 and.. you need help?

Times flies. Isa had already been in P1 for about 8 months! Where did all the time go?

Well when it comes to the children's holistic development, one can always be meticulous and (even) fussy in their choice. Perhaps my occupation had conditioned me to be as such. I guess it is a good thing after all as we are only more that glad that we had made a wise choice for Isa to attend enrichment at NeuroScholars Enrichment Centre (previously known as Neuromath Junior) and Isa had blossomed so much ever since he started his sessions with them.

Besides their regular Math Intelligence Programme,  NeuroScholars Enrichment Centre (NJR) also provide this special crafted programme for the Primary 1 goers. It is called the NeuroAchievers Programme (previously known as Step Into Primary One - SIPO). And since Isa had completed 2 terms in 2013 with NJR‘s NeuroAchievers Programme, I am here to share with you the focus of this programme and how it helps to scaffold a child's learning progress from the preschool level to the primary level.

With the structured contents in the NeuroAchievers Programme, the curriculum focuses more on academic, they are taught topically and in which the curriculum is specially crafted and is on a similar par on what the lower primary syllabus of our local context offers.

The objectives are very clear.
  • Demonstrates speed and accuracy in mathematical calculations

What it seemed like just an ordinary worksheet.

By the way, the improvement of this particular exercise was that there was NO drilling involved. And see the progress in his improvement: 52 seconds to 39 seconds.
  • Draw and label Part-Whole model up to 20

NJR always have surprises up their sleeve for every lesson. 
Today they had brought in a pencil case story to introduce the concept of model drawing.

We all can see the box at the bottom had 3 more than the box on the top.

This was the actual question.
Do you see the connection of the pencil case story to this question now?

Tip: "3 MORE" does NOT always means addition

Even without writing down anything or do any calculations, 
Isa actually knew the answer was 5.
Don't ask me what he was thinking.

I only can tell you he knew what he was doing as his answers reflects his understanding of the subtraction and division.

This lesson of part-whole model was the gist of what I wanted to know how Isa could learn, understand thus applying his understanding of model drawings. Here he is, applying his understanding onto his own model drawing.

To be ready for model drawing, not only a child needs to see and understand the connection between number bonds and model drawing. He must also understanding and apply his concept of drawing proportional bars for the question.
  • Able to complete IQ game within time limit

The aim of the IQ logic game is very clear:
Children to develop their logical reasoning as they try to form sets.

But of course, other than NJR's NeuroAchivers, here are some personal practices of the professionalism of the teachers at NJR:
  • Know your child's strength and weakness
Understanding your child's strength and weakness and highlight these to the teacher whom you are working with. Teachers at NJR are very approachable in a way. They do regular feedback and I look up to their enthusiasm and passion for their jobs. Other than parents, teachers are the next direct group of important people who can adversely affect the child's interest in learning.
  • Be positive
Children thrive in an environment when the expectations and encouragement are consistent. What I like about NJR is that their teachers are not only consistent in their teaching, they also inculcate a very positive vibe in their attitude in motivating the children during their learning process. Even I got influenced and actually told Isa, math is my new favourite subject!
  • Attempt goals and overcome challenges together
Set on a goal together and attempt this goal TOGETHER with the child. For every new topic that Isa was exposed to, he was always apprehensive. But the teachers at NJR are always ever so encouraging that Isa did not even realized that he actually already overcome his fear of "difficult" math question.

"Teacher Nana.. let me teach you this"

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This is part three of a three-part series in this review of Neuroscholar Junior's NeuroAchiever's Programme. 

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Isa and I are invited to participate and review NeuroScholars Enrichment Centre's NeuroAchiver's Programme in 2013. These opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the complimentary classes given. Terms and condition apply for the giveaway. Rayconniebaby reserves the right to choose another random winner if the winner does not reply within 24 hours after the email is being sent out from Neuroscholars Enrichment Centre.
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