Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Writing process behind the screen and keys..

I am more than happy when I got sounded out by FloMummy to do this post. Basically this is a blog train that will definitely remind me constantly on why did I even started out writing in the first place. Hopefully you can see the connection of my thoughts from here too. Basically we are to just answer these questions:
  • What am I working on?
Sometimes I think I wear too many hats that I lose myself at times. But since I know this is a fruitful and satisfying journey, I shall embrace pride in this. Just some of the main things that I do for work and leisure:
      • Preschool educator: lovely job but comes with a meagre salary tag. What to do? My love for children domineers above this tag.
      • Mom of 2, going to be 3: Oh well, please tell me how I am to juggle better with my time. For now if there is no unforeseen circumstances, it's good resting enough and early, having a  sleep around 10pm and chillax at work. But early nights are always accompanied by multiples visits to the toilet, leg cramps, morning sickness (yee still!) etc And I rem some article saying "SG women enjoy being pregnant". It is true to a certain extent for me.
      • Charity work: picking up preloved items from friends so that we can send repack these items to the children with HIV in changmai. Click here to find out more on who are the people we actually reach out to. A big thank you to all who had contributed in a way or another.
      • Healthier lifestyle for family: It is not just the jars of overnight oats that I am talking about but rather on how I can maintain a healthier lifestyle such as a better menu for the whole family and keeping this passion to go on in the long run. I am also proud to say that regular exercise has been part of my lifestyle for the past one year though it had sort taken the backseat since I got preg, I know my bestie is grinning ear to ear as I was really someone who reject and refuse to exercise when I was much younger.
    • How does my work differ from others in its genre?
        I am not too sure either. Too many blogs that I have read and actually I would say our work can be similar or different. For me, I write with thoughts from the bottom of my heart but at times I do also struggle between the head and the heart topic. Topics are in my blog tags. I still prefer to write under the few same old traditional tags as they make me feel more clear headed about who I really and what I really like. It is not easy to stay objective all the time but liked I also mention in the disclaimer: All opinions are my own.

        • Why do I write what I do?
        Generally I am a person who tries to stay as low profile but since sharing is caring, I definitely will not mind sharing with you my humble experiences and even perhaps knowledge. Maybe you don't see me so often on fb anymore but maybe you can try catch me as I am more active on my twitter, IG and Rayconniebaby.

        • How does my writing process work?
        For me, writing depends on inspiration but do not worry, I am not the whimpy kid so I don't write on the phone while doing the business. Other than sponsored posts, I do not technically plan my writing as I am quite a random person. But please pardon me right now as I am quite in a writer's block since preg with #3. Hopefully the upcoming maternity leave can give me more time and space to have more conclusive posts.

        So this sort of wraps up for my post on the thoughts behind the author of this blog. Next on line shall be *drum rolls*...

        Jolin from The Js Arena

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