Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kiddos' first pony ride at Punggol Gallop Stable Pony Riding Ranch..

If you have been wanting to go the Punggol Horse Riding Ranch, you should! Cos Isa and Dora have had such much fun! Just a gentle reminder: please rem to purchase a ticket ($10) from the main office in order for the child to take the pony ride. And be ready for sandfly and mozzie bites.

While waiting for our turn to take the pony ride, there was another pony behind the fences in which you could buy a packet of carrots (from the shop nearby) to feed them.
Ok Dora was quite afraid of the sounds the pony was making.

While waiting for our turns, Mama could not help but take a pic of the kiddos!

Papa and the kiddos in action!

Needless to say, the 7yo was pretty independent.

And the the 2yo cant wait for her turn.

Coming back! See the earnest look on his face!

Next better jockey pls!

Giving the ticket to the man in charge.

Feet position was important.
The man in charge actually advised Ray papa to follow Dora along.

It seems like Dora is trying to say,
"Don't worry! I am doing fine, Mama!"
Can you see she was trying to wave at me?

Another confident position.

How this rocking swing makes me reminisce about my childhood as we had a similar one in the kampong I used to stay.

Post riding treat: ice cream!

A very adventurous day indeed.
No, the ice cream did not drop on the childseat, we only some stains on her t-shirt.

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The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

I have never been there. Would be interesting for my 4 children to go! Thanks for sharing! :)

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