Monday, April 21, 2014

Midterm review of the Fellow program (Gymnademics at ARC)

If you have been following us on our fanpage and our IG, you would have noticed the progress Dora has since she started her Gymnademics class since 14 months old.

In a nutshell, Dora moved from their Crucero to PreFellow and now to their Fellow class!

We were a little caught by surprise as the different activities seemed quite difference as compared to their previous sessions for the lil girl!

The welcome song was definitely one familiar routine to Dora!
"Yes Yes.. I am here!"

A slightly different way of approaching on how the children feel for the day.
And Dora chose "shy", I bet you didnt expect that!

Matching and reading the flashcards is still one of our favourite activity. 

At the fellow class, children exhibited their independence when Teacher Ally invited them out to do the parachute play.

Dora and her classmates doing the Animals song!
The enthusiasm of the teachers is really something.

The trapeze is still something that we need to work on with Dora.

Playing the piano was really something that trains Dora's focus.
She is still grasping the concept of following the notes and then playing them. But I would say it is really commendable as her only experience of playing on the piano are solely from Gymnademics's classes. 

I am always very happy to see a new milestone Dora can achieve from Gymnademics. 
One day she learnt how to balance herself on one foot.

Then on another day, she was on her fours trying to "crawl through the grass" like a cat. Despite not achieving an exact same post as Teacher Jo but it was considered a good attempt!

Not forgetting the maths related flashcards.

And Dora is beginning to show that she can attempt her activity all by herself during the Mystery Box section.

It has been a wholesome learning experience at Gymnademics at ARC so far. Come back and see how our lil girl will blossom thru her lessons at Gymnademics. 

Disclosure: Dora was invited to attend the Fellow Class for a term at the ARC branch at Gymnademics for review purposes. I shared previously about our experience in a sharing here. All opinions in this post are of my own.

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