Thursday, April 24, 2014

First trimester over and counting..

First trimester is not an easy journey and I would think most mothers would agree with me. Its either you dont get any morning sickness at all.. or you get the worst morning sickness. Gagging, feeling lethargic, no appetite.. you name it, I have them all!

Once I start my day after brushing my teeth, I would gag non stop for a while. I should be quite sure its due to my empty stomach protesting but sometimes the gagging will start before lunch time again. And when it happens in school, I had to control myself. My kids in school are already giving me the "why is your tummy bigger than usual" look. It is really not easy to explain to them that "I have a baby in my stomach" you see. Not at this moment I think. Worst, I have to put on a brave front at work cos I can quite an obstinate person. I dont like to send the wrong signals that preg women cant work.

Oh well. time flies and I am really so glad that I have moved over the first trimester *clap hands* but sometimes I do feel afraid. It has definitely gotta do with my previous incident. Though I know all I can do is to cast all worries to God because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) but still there is always a lingering feel at the bottom of my heart.

Anyway here is a recent tummy shot. Dont worry, it's children friendly. I am too shy to reveal that much skin.

Jia you Connie, you can do it. :D

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