Thursday, April 24, 2014

First trimester over and counting..

First trimester is not an easy journey and I would think most mothers would agree with me. Its either you dont get any morning sickness at all.. or you get the worst morning sickness. Gagging, feeling lethargic, no appetite.. you name it, I have them all!

Once I start my day after brushing my teeth, I would gag non stop for a while. I should be quite sure its due to my empty stomach protesting but sometimes the gagging will start before lunch time again. And when it happens in school, I had to control myself. My kids in school are already giving me the "why is your tummy bigger than usual" look. It is really not easy to explain to them that "I have a baby in my stomach" you see. Not at this moment I think. Worst, I have to put on a brave front at work cos I can quite an obstinate person. I dont like to send the wrong signals that preg women cant work.

Oh well. time flies and I am really so glad that I have moved over the first trimester *clap hands* but sometimes I do feel afraid. It has definitely gotta do with my previous incident. Though I know all I can do is to cast all worries to God because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) but still there is always a lingering feel at the bottom of my heart.

Anyway here is a recent tummy shot. Dont worry, it's children friendly. I am too shy to reveal that much skin.

Jia you Connie, you can do it. :D

Monday, April 21, 2014

Midterm review of the Fellow program (Gymnademics at ARC)

If you have been following us on our fanpage and our IG, you would have noticed the progress Dora has since she started her Gymnademics class since 14 months old.

In a nutshell, Dora moved from their Crucero to PreFellow and now to their Fellow class!

We were a little caught by surprise as the different activities seemed quite difference as compared to their previous sessions for the lil girl!

The welcome song was definitely one familiar routine to Dora!
"Yes Yes.. I am here!"

A slightly different way of approaching on how the children feel for the day.
And Dora chose "shy", I bet you didnt expect that!

Matching and reading the flashcards is still one of our favourite activity. 

At the fellow class, children exhibited their independence when Teacher Ally invited them out to do the parachute play.

Dora and her classmates doing the Animals song!
The enthusiasm of the teachers is really something.

The trapeze is still something that we need to work on with Dora.

Playing the piano was really something that trains Dora's focus.
She is still grasping the concept of following the notes and then playing them. But I would say it is really commendable as her only experience of playing on the piano are solely from Gymnademics's classes. 

I am always very happy to see a new milestone Dora can achieve from Gymnademics. 
One day she learnt how to balance herself on one foot.

Then on another day, she was on her fours trying to "crawl through the grass" like a cat. Despite not achieving an exact same post as Teacher Jo but it was considered a good attempt!

Not forgetting the maths related flashcards.

And Dora is beginning to show that she can attempt her activity all by herself during the Mystery Box section.

It has been a wholesome learning experience at Gymnademics at ARC so far. Come back and see how our lil girl will blossom thru her lessons at Gymnademics. 

Disclosure: Dora was invited to attend the Fellow Class for a term at the ARC branch at Gymnademics for review purposes. I shared previously about our experience in a sharing here. All opinions in this post are of my own.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trip to Melbourne.. Part 3 of 5

Day 4 - 21st March 2014: 
Melbourne Musuem and visiting my ex student

Thank goodness for the free city tram no. 35 that brought us to a stop that brought us to somewhere on Exhibition Street (I think). But alas we didnt know (and also not so used to) the walking culture in Melbourne. We had to walk like 10min before reaching the Melbourne Museum.

Finally seeing some sign of the entrance.

my 1st sucessfull attempt at jump shot to show Isa's excitement.
what a crazy mom i am n i know.
Anyway Isa was looking SO forward to a place/time meant for him.

the nice banners up close.

2nd attempt!

Our tickets!
By the way, in a nutshell, the size and the exhibitions arrays of Melbourne Museum is like our SG Science Centre and Art Science Museum combined and they do not charge entrance fees for children under 16yo. Nominal charge of AUD$10 for adults. How good is that? 

Our first stop was enuf to keep Isa occupied for 10 minute. It was the skeleton display of the famous Blue whale that was stranded and eventually died on the coastal area of Cathedral Rock in western Victoria in 1992.

Then we proceeded on to the other sections of the museum.
Loves the interactive screens that is easily accessible and many were available for children to use.

Then we went on to the Dinosaurs and Fossils sections.
We were SO awed by the display.
This was like a continuation of our previous visit to the Titans of the Past exhibition.

And I was actually got a fright by these dinosaurs when they started making noises. How silly right.

Next stop: Bugs and Crustesea section
I had a hard time containing myself in that section.

And yes these bugs were real! If you notice my eeky expression.

I better quickly get myself over to the Reptiles, Birds and Mammals section in which they were all fake. I rather it this way.

Another of the interactive screens in which Isa spent almost 10minutes exploring and reading.
I admit I took a seat while waiting.

It was almost close to lunch time when we saw this interesting play area for children.

Just when I was going to unleash my OCD self to ask Isa to get out of the triangular structure.

I then realized that there was 3 mirrors in the structure and he was admiring his reflections! Relax Connie mama.. relax.. 

Cute lil kangaroo statue.

Isa is a friendly boy by nature. And he is usually attracted to play with girls more. He will usually reason and explain to me that "because they are more gentle". What it is. He spent a long time (say more than 30 minutes) playing with this pretty lil girl name Lily. I bet she is about 3-4yo.

 Then we went for lunch at 130pm!
Gasp! Time was running short! We were suppose to leave the museum at 3pm as we were to meet my ex student at her Narre Warren at 4pm!

Ames Room did make my mom smaller and my son bigger.

On the way out to the train station, we cant help it but take a picture of the public lavatory. It sort of reminded me of the portable toilets we have here in SG.

Finally at 345pm, we started our train journey from Melbourne Central to Narre Warren.

And people. Do not take our SG public transport for granted please.
Their single trip train ride cost us AUD$30 for an hour ride.
Now you know.

The very complex train map.

Our little friend still very excited to meet a new friend of his same age!

We need to wait for an average of 15minute just to hop on to a ride to Narre Warren.
I really appreciate our SG public transport waiting time!

See how these two 7 yo children "click"
They are born same year, same month but two days apart.
I keep thinking Jyotsna is like the female version of Isa and I would think Sapna would agree.
Time flies and it was already 1030pm when we left their house.
Thank you very much Sapna and family for your hospitality and you really make me wanna migrate to Victoria.

Read more of our Melbourne trip

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