Thursday, March 13, 2014

Writers' mental blog..

I am sure you have one of those meh days. I was going through a very sick period of my life when my long chronic occupational sore throat never seemed to recover. Imagine having a sore throat for like 6 months. I am much better, thanks to YLEO. Lots of time and effort was needed to send my poor throat to the road of recovery. Not forgetting tons of work to be done.

Just when I thought I was well, my kids had to take turns to fall sick and everything just seemed to be in a shamble. 

And a piece of news came.. And it gave such an unexpected twist to my plans.

But guess all well ends well. Whatever it is, I am looking so forward to my trip Melbourne next week with my mum n Isa for we have to attend a wedding of a very dear friend. May the good Lord bless her with good health and a sweet nuptial. 

Till next entry.

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