Friday, April 04, 2014

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant.. Peking duck

A very insignificant building nestled amongst the containers.
Established since 1977, Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant is the only other revolving restaurants that offers authentic Beijing cuisine.

see what I mean.

A very humble signage that welcomes you.

For the 3 of us, we didnt order that much, just some of the standard dishes.

But of course, not forgetting the famous Peking duck.

In which it will be sliced professionally and served to you.

the remaining parts of the duck.
We just opted for cutting up of the meat. My friend actually said they also do offer stir fry option but the meat will shrink in a way so he chose the previous.

the panaromic view from where I am sitting.
You dont actually feel that you are moving but guess in my condition, it sort of gave me some dizziness after the meal, especially when the weather was not in my favour.

Total damage: $144+ for 3 of us.
Good experience if not for the dizziness I have.
You should try.

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