Tuesday, March 04, 2014

late post of Titans of the Past: Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals 2014

Time zips so quickly. This week is the 9th week of the 2014 school term. Which means we are just 1 week+ away from the march holidays! Well we have a big plan for our march holiday which is for me and Isa to fly away to down under to attend a wedding. Details to be reveal soon. Meanwhile, we also manage to catch the exhibition of the Titans of the Past two weekends ago before it ended on 28 Feb!

Here we go..

The lil man posing with the lil dino..

different sizes of the skull of Triceratops..

a baby triceratops exhibit. A lil creepy for me.

Then we met the duck-billed dino.

Duck-billed fellow that neither quack or waddle..

Isa concentrating on one of the info control panels.

Isa with Cherie..

This T-rex mechanism was producing such a real bone cracking sound that Isa freaked out.

T- who?

Little palaeontologists at work.

My lil intrinsic reader..  

Nah. I will not be so evil to show you pictures of fossilised poo.

Hello big guy.

One funny looking ice age animal.

Our lil man was so into dino that day that he insisted that Mr Triceratops had to be on his table while he ate his dinner.

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