Monday, February 24, 2014

A weekend evening at East Coast Park..

It was one of those spur of a moment decision for us to come East Coast Park to cycle.

Ta dah- here we are!
Rate for cycling this 3 seater family bicycle:
$30 for an hour
$45 for 3 hours

Uncle making sure that kiddos are being buckled up. He mentioned casually that the safety belts are actually to be a safety feature that does not works.
So he advised me that I should hold on to Dora's t-shirt.. in case.

So I did. 
Anyway more about this family bicycle:
There is the option of a 3 seater or a 6 seater.
They can come with or without the extra seats for the children.
We rented ours from CycleMax - the shop is situated a unit away from Burger King. We parked at Carpark C3 which is just a stone throw away.

Never mind about the overpriced bicycle ride really.
I would say the kiddos really enjoyed them while the adults were out of energy at the end of that one hour.

So we gave ourselves a good treat.

Obviously someone is very hungry that she had to "steal" food from korkor's plate!

What a day!

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