Monday, February 03, 2014

2014 CNY Day 2

On this second day of the year of the Horse,
Rayconniebaby would like to wish all of our readers and friends
a 马vellous year ahead and stay in the pink of health!

*for those who cant read chinese: it means "marvellous" year ahead.

2nd day of CNY OOTD
Miss Tim Sum and Mr Comfy

Guess where is our first stop?
Thomson Medical Centre!
A very close friend of ours just gave birth to 2nd darling son earlier in the morning so we just had to visit them!

2nd stop: My ah yee's* place.
*Ah yee is my mom's sis.

First lohei with the family!
The anticipating crowd.

Lohei in action!
There are many ways of wishing your friends and family during the lohei process.
What is yours?
I usually love to wish everyone 年年有余, 步步高升 and 身体健康!

Dora in her first lohei!

In the evening, we had another lohei session.

Catch this lohei session in action!

So how has your new year been? 

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