Monday, February 24, 2014

A weekend evening at East Coast Park..

It was one of those spur of a moment decision for us to come East Coast Park to cycle.

Ta dah- here we are!
Rate for cycling this 3 seater family bicycle:
$30 for an hour
$45 for 3 hours

Uncle making sure that kiddos are being buckled up. He mentioned casually that the safety belts are actually to be a safety feature that does not works.
So he advised me that I should hold on to Dora's t-shirt.. in case.

So I did. 
Anyway more about this family bicycle:
There is the option of a 3 seater or a 6 seater.
They can come with or without the extra seats for the children.
We rented ours from CycleMax - the shop is situated a unit away from Burger King. We parked at Carpark C3 which is just a stone throw away.

Never mind about the overpriced bicycle ride really.
I would say the kiddos really enjoyed them while the adults were out of energy at the end of that one hour.

So we gave ourselves a good treat.

Obviously someone is very hungry that she had to "steal" food from korkor's plate!

What a day!

Friday, February 14, 2014

10 year anniversary Part 2: Happy Valentine's Day and our yesteryears..

It was not by chance that we started dating way back in 1999.  Long story cut short, I got to know Ray papa thru a few common friends. I was 18 and he was 21.

Late 1999

5 years later, 06 May 2004.

Pre wedding shoots done in mid 2005.

Our AD in 26 December 2005.

I am so grateful for this special Valentine in my life.
Come back to see how we are going to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Airforce Family Day 2014..

We have always been fans of Open House and Family Day organised by the SAF. Read more on our experience at the Army Open House in 2012. For today's:

Date: 8 February 2014
Venue: Changi Exhibition Centre
What: Airforce Family Day 2014
Time: 9am - 12pm (AM Session), 2pm-5pm (PM Session)
Highlight: Sneak preview of the Singapore Airshow 2014 

Of recent, I have been having aches at my ankles. Think I have been wearing too much of flip flops. Guess today is a good time to commission my new pair of Hello Kitty loafers.

Us in the shuttle service.
There is a free shuttle service that will pick you either from Pasir Ris MRT (the bus stop behind the interchange) or Expo MRT. We took the former so we parked our car at the public car park nearby and then we took this service. Hearsay you can also drive in but you might need special pass to do so. Else you can also take a taxi in as there are alighting points available.

Us while waiting for bus to move off.

Here we are!
And just in case if you are confused, today is actually the Airforce Family Day in which is only opened to invited guests.

The Singapore Airshow 2014 is actually on next week 15-16 February 2014. If you wish to purchase the tickets, please visit here.*

Omg the glaring sun.

Time checked: 1020am
Air show just started!!

So we stood and watched while we stood under the sheltered area.
And the noise pollution was very high.

A short video of the Black Knights in action.

Love this simple pic with Ray papa.

Isa was literally covering his ears through the Air Show showcase section.

As we got a little impatient with the merciless sun, we started walking into the exhibition area.

Here was the crowd who were sitting at the open space area. It is definitely a good spot to watch the airshow showcase but I think my eardrums will hate me for doing that. 

See what I mean, he was still holding on to his ears.

The games area where Isa and Ray papa had a go at the mini pool table.


The static display area.

One of my favourite photo of the day.
At the entrance of the indoor exhibtion area.

Isa with one of the NSF having his go at the Air Combat Game - using Xbox games as a stimulator, everybody will be interested to have a go!

Today, Isa said he wants to be pilot when he grow up.
Que sera sera.

And I seriously dunno what is so interesting about the missile.

And if you are ever moved by the exhibition, maybe you would want to have some coffee with the career advisors at the exhibition.

Very soon, we have come to the end of the session at the Airforce Family Day 2014. It was already 1230pm when it was announced that we need to leave the premises.

This caught my eye. Hearsay these cars will be sold at 30% from the original price after the exhibition. 
Anyone fancy a beemer?
I would not mind.

We had a wonderful day at Airforce Family Day 2014 and we had to rush for our movie date with Isa. To the Lego movie we go!

#Disclamer: Rayconniebaby is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Singapore Air Show 2014 though we have special invites to the Airforce Family Day 2014 event.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Passport photo of Isa..

I still rem quite clearly that it was not that long ago that when I first got Isa's first passport done. Soon after we got a notification that it is due for renewal!

So here is a comparison of Isa's photo in the 2 different years.

And how much he has grown. 


Monday, February 03, 2014

2014 CNY Day 2

On this second day of the year of the Horse,
Rayconniebaby would like to wish all of our readers and friends
a 马vellous year ahead and stay in the pink of health!

*for those who cant read chinese: it means "marvellous" year ahead.

2nd day of CNY OOTD
Miss Tim Sum and Mr Comfy

Guess where is our first stop?
Thomson Medical Centre!
A very close friend of ours just gave birth to 2nd darling son earlier in the morning so we just had to visit them!

2nd stop: My ah yee's* place.
*Ah yee is my mom's sis.

First lohei with the family!
The anticipating crowd.

Lohei in action!
There are many ways of wishing your friends and family during the lohei process.
What is yours?
I usually love to wish everyone 年年有余, 步步高升 and 身体健康!

Dora in her first lohei!

In the evening, we had another lohei session.

Catch this lohei session in action!

So how has your new year been? 
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