Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wedding anniversary Part 1: The man of my house..

2014 is a very special year to me. 

Other than Isadore starting Primary 1 and Dora starting preschool, it also marks a small milestone in my marriage. It is our 10th year wedding anniversary this year with this special man whom I call ah lao or Ray papa. I will hence be writing a little more about our lives together in an individual post in every month until our actual anniversary in May. I am a blessed girl indeed.

I guess days just aint the same without these moments from him:

someone trying to catch a 40 wink while trying to pack a goodie bag for the kids in my school for Christmas at 1130pm.

The man kenna bullied by a total of 34kg.

someone trying very hard to pacify the baby to wake at 645am

trying to train his biceps with his lil girlfriend

being a chauffeur to his lil girlfriend on the first few days of school.

And on crappy days at work, he just had to send me messages like this which makes me feel like falling off the chair.


like he said.

A quiet guy he look but his sense of humour is damn classic.

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Eric said...

which childcare your daughter going to?

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