Sunday, January 05, 2014

Kickstart to 2014..

Isa's first day of formal school.

Ray and his mini-me.
Oh my baby.

During first day of recess, parents were allowed to go peep at their children but they were not allowed to buy food for them.
I seconded this idea.

Isa had a P5 buddy whom I suspect he found Isa annoying (haha) as Isa told me he asked for the korkor's name but his response was "shhh" (gesturing for Isa to keep quiet).
How interesting.

Isa with his form teacher, Mrs K.

This is the kind of crowd that you can expect to see at the side gate - 
and I mean these are the caregivers of the Primary 1 students as there were to be release earlier than the stipulated time.

One of the teachers holding up the sign that shows the class.

My happy baby after school.
I think I am one cool mom because I was not there for my son's first day of formal school as my work does not permits me so. Maybe I should consider not being there too when he goes to the army next time *huhur*.
 But I am only more than glad that at least my baby said that "school was fun but tiring".

So how had your child's first day of school been?
here was Isa on his first day in childcare - way back in 2009.

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Unknown said...

Yes must say you're one cool mum!

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