Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 7th birthday to my lil man..

Today is my lil man's 7th birthday.
Nothing extravagance. Just me taking time off from work to spend time with him, we had dinner and ended the day with a cake and a present.

Us at Polliwogs. A very simple request from the birthday boy.

Dinner at PastaMania before his enrichment class.

What did you wish for, my son?

Lil cheeky one at the side trying to blow at korkor's candle too.

You are my darling, my hero, my everything.

Let's tuck in!

Suddenly I had a funny idea.
Cheeky mum =  cheeky kids

Tadah! Opening presents while blindfolded.
Anyone tried it before?
While being blindedfolded, Isa actually got it half correct, 
he guess the present has something to do with Lego.

See the surprise and happy face?

Ultimate priceless.

You see son.
Other than your dearest papa, you are the one who always:

Lend me a listening ear..
Accompany me when I want to go shopping..
Watch me while I zzz away..
Hug n kiss me when I need them the most..
Share my same sense of humour..
Loves me for who I am.. Including my flabs. 

Do I have to say more?

Happy birthday my lil man. I actually think I love you more than I love myself for you are the special one who made me a mum today.
Blessed birthday.

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