Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday Isadora.. Part 1

We did a celebration for Dora's birthday in school last week. 

Dora looking shy.

Puzzled by the burning candles.

I love my mini me to the bits.

Making a wish on her behalf.
In that spilt second, I thought I rem thinking something like,
"I wish you stay chubby and cute like this forever."

Blowing of candles.
By yours truly.

I don't usually like to post photographs of the children in my school...
but her classmates are too cute to resist!
from L to R: 
R, Z, Dora, A, R and C

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our first visit to Universal Studios Singapore..

As it was Isa's birthday last week and Dora's on next, we had more than a good reason to just give ourselves a treat.

Such a fruitful day as we relive our childhood dreams with the kiddos.

The day started on 25th January when we reach Sentosa at around 10am.

It has to start off with the tram ride.
For economical sake, we parked our car at the Beach Station shelter carpark and we had to take the tram from Beach Station to Waterfront station.
Total damage for carpark: $9+
we parked from 10am+ to about 4pm.

The entrance shot!
We are finally here!

Saw the pair of daffy ducks dressed all in red just for the CNY season!
What a auspicious sight to start our day!
Super love this shot!

Lil girl exploring her shadows with her pop.

We had to start off with a ride isnt it?
No Q! Yeah!
Dora got scared halfway and grabbed Ray papa very tightly. Meh.
But it was a good ride overall.

Who can miss the carousel right next to the Madagascar Boat Ride?
Miss scary cat became Miss Gungho!

Our casual shot on my phone.

Time flew really fast. It was time for lunch.
Its very interesting how children learn that we all have to lean over to the counter to order and collect our food.

Another shot of us in the barrel cabin of the Shrek ferris wheel ride.

The boys in the Lost World zone and doing the touristy poses.

We just had to take another short break from the great weather!

There wasn't much thing we could do here.

I wonder what is the rave about.
Maybe the man can tell you more.

Jaffar lookalike.

This ride was closed for the day due to some maintenance works.
It was enough to make me dizzy.
Time check: 230pm with scorching sun.

Optimus Prime called us.

Then we also say hello to Bumble Bee.

Suddenly Dora let out a shriek and ran towards this dancing troop.
She stood for a good 15minute to watch (almost) the whole dance.

She was so in love with Elmo.

Do I need to say more?

This back alley remind me of Switzerland. 
And I dunno why.

We love Sesame Street!

Vintage car.

I was the excited one this time when I saw Po.

Lil girl is still very full of energy when we board the tram back to the carpark.
What a fulfilling day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 7th birthday to my lil man..

Today is my lil man's 7th birthday.
Nothing extravagance. Just me taking time off from work to spend time with him, we had dinner and ended the day with a cake and a present.

Us at Polliwogs. A very simple request from the birthday boy.

Dinner at PastaMania before his enrichment class.

What did you wish for, my son?

Lil cheeky one at the side trying to blow at korkor's candle too.

You are my darling, my hero, my everything.

Let's tuck in!

Suddenly I had a funny idea.
Cheeky mum =  cheeky kids

Tadah! Opening presents while blindfolded.
Anyone tried it before?
While being blindedfolded, Isa actually got it half correct, 
he guess the present has something to do with Lego.

See the surprise and happy face?

Ultimate priceless.

You see son.
Other than your dearest papa, you are the one who always:

Lend me a listening ear..
Accompany me when I want to go shopping..
Watch me while I zzz away..
Hug n kiss me when I need them the most..
Share my same sense of humour..
Loves me for who I am.. Including my flabs. 

Do I have to say more?

Happy birthday my lil man. I actually think I love you more than I love myself for you are the special one who made me a mum today.
Blessed birthday.

Monday, January 20, 2014

After 1 month of preschool..

It has been about a month or so since Dora started school. Maybe we are too protective.. Maybe she is still our little baby.. But I suddenly feel like she is so grown up. 

Slow down mei mei.. Slow down. Let mama enjoy your golden moments with you before you arch your wings.

I still don't understand why she needs to close her eyes whenever she feeds herself.

This is definitely something she picked up from school.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wedding anniversary Part 1: The man of my house..

2014 is a very special year to me. 

Other than Isadore starting Primary 1 and Dora starting preschool, it also marks a small milestone in my marriage. It is our 10th year wedding anniversary this year with this special man whom I call ah lao or Ray papa. I will hence be writing a little more about our lives together in an individual post in every month until our actual anniversary in May. I am a blessed girl indeed.

I guess days just aint the same without these moments from him:

someone trying to catch a 40 wink while trying to pack a goodie bag for the kids in my school for Christmas at 1130pm.

The man kenna bullied by a total of 34kg.

someone trying very hard to pacify the baby to wake at 645am

trying to train his biceps with his lil girlfriend

being a chauffeur to his lil girlfriend on the first few days of school.

And on crappy days at work, he just had to send me messages like this which makes me feel like falling off the chair.


like he said.

A quiet guy he look but his sense of humour is damn classic.

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