Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gingerbread man for the season..

I miss baking!

So one fine day, I bought this from the supermarket!

Look cute eh
The package comes with a pack of mixture, a cookie cutter and some colourful beanies that looks like M&M chocolates.

The baking session began on a lovely Sunday morning when Mama decided to let the little girl skip her class as she was unwell. So korkor gets to spend time with Mama in the kitchen!

Not a fantastic kitchen helper but at least now he needs minimal guidance.
Pouring the eggs into the mixture.

Ya we only need 10ml of water.
this came to my mind as I could not find my set of measuring spoons.

The atas baking paper that came in a box and a cutter at the side.

ah.. the cute gingerbread man cutter.

Isa having his go at pushing down the cutter.

And since I have cutters of other shapes, Isa had a try at them too!

Ta dah!
Thi was how my lot of gingerbread man cookies turned out to be!

Someone forgot the eyes and mouth!
Looking forward to more baking sessions at home!

Preparation time 10min
Baking time 15 min

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Rachee-O said...


Came across your blog while searching for mommy's blog on baking fun with kids. This looks fun and my very amateurish baking skills should be able to handle! Thanks for sharing this.


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