Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dora goes to school..

Day 1: 
"My mama says I am a big girl and I can go to school!"

"Wee!! I get to take the bus to school today!"

"This is the we wash our hands!"
Mama: I bet all new toddlers in school sure find turning on taps at the sinks a very interesting thing to play with. 

""Thank you God for the food we eat, amen!"

Someone acting dainty.

"I love story time!"

"Double yay for Papa and korkor come together to pick me up!"

"This is my new friend Asher. 
His mum must be thinking dyed hair is as cool as his name. 
Mama thinks otherwise though."

"I just had to hug this Jie Jie cos she looks so sad!"

"4 days of school and I survived!
Uhmm I poten ysterday as we had to attend a special birthday party to attend. Oops!
I did cry bit but Mama thinks they are too unglam to be publish here so we shall skip them" :)

Going to school is "so much fun"!
Gonggong, Popo and Yee Yee, you guys must be so proud of me right?

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