Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Graduation concert for my #1

November is a emotional month for me.
To know that someone is completing his kindy years.
What did all the time go?

Needless to say, our schedule in October was very tight.
Isa had to attend 2 times of rehearsals, coupled with his enrichment classes schedules, my whole month was sort of in a mayhem. 

We were glad that we survived October but here were some snapshots from home on how this Pri 1 goer had done for his concert which was on 
2 Nov 2013 at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls (Secondary) School

One of those nights when he was dancing around while I turned the music on.
Oh ya, did I mention that they were to dance to "Oppa Gangnam Style"
Why this song. Tell me about it.
It does not matter. To know that my son has SUCH enthusiasm over something means this is something that he really treasure.

On the actual day of 2 November
Full make up includes powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick.
I am surprised Isa was game for eyeliner.

At the venue itself where the children gathered before the concert.
I actually like the girl's outfit.

The concert's crowd.

One tiny audience.

Let's begin.

His class for 2013.

Certificate ceremony and he knew I was taking a picture of him.

There was of course many dances from the 5 graduating classes. 
Each class were to do 2 items each (one english dance and one chinese dance) so we really had to sit back and relax.

After 2 and half hours, finale!

Close up shot of Isa and his classmate Kezia with the matching outfit.

Just us.
Ok please excuse while I grab a tissue.

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