Thursday, November 28, 2013

Selfie is the new black

This is what we do to entertain ourselves when we are:
  • bored
  • nothing better to do
  • pass time
  • training the kiddos to love the camera
  • phone or ipad is within reach
  • papa is not at home

You know your kid had been playing around with your phone if you see pictures like the above.
What an abstract perspective I know.

Or maybe someone became a kaleidoscope of pictures.

And this of course, top the list of my display pictures.
And it stood there for the longest time.
I do not admit that I am a pro at selfie but maybe I should share some tips on taking selfie one day.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy belated birthday Popo!

I was not exactly there when this birthday cake was cut.
Just like this is a belated post for my mom's birthday.
Her actual day was actually on 20 Nov.
Dates are not the quintessential for I wish my beautiful mum forever young!

I love you mom!

Back then, my mom, sis and myself (in front).

To of recent.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gymnademics at ARC (includes a FREE giveaway)

If you had been an avid fan of Dora's progress at Gymnademics, we have good news to share! They have a spanking new outlet in the West and we are hosting a giveaway at this new branch!

And when we got an invitation, we were thrilled to the max! 

Nested right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of offices and retail outlets, Gymnademics can easily be spotted at the second floor of ARC (Alexander Retail Centre).

What other better way to kick start the school holiday with a play session in Gymnademics at ARC!

I will let my little guide bring you through of what you can expect at the ARC.

"Hello! My name is Isadora. 
You can call me Dora for short. 
Sometimes my mama calls me ah bui too! 
I love coming to Gymnademics because I get to play!"

"This is my brother. I call him ah Kor. 
He also loves coming to Gymnademics to play. 
Obviously he is overage but he doesn't care. 
Well reason is simple because he gets to play!"

"See what I mean?"

"This is one of my favourite teacher. 
Her name is Teacher Ally. I call her Ally for short. 
As you know, I am just 21 months so I can't say names that are too long. 
I adore her to the bits!"

"This is Teacher Joseph. And I am just being a nosey parker when I wanted to help him out in his chores. I know it aint easy being a teacher."

"This is the classroom that we were playing at. During a play session, each classroom will be set up in a similar layout: a circuit and some corners for the different activities."

"Ok, please pardon me while I enjoy climbing on the circuit.
Mama wants to help me but I still prefer to do it all by myself."

"There this is the reading corner."

"How I love the furry covering of a duckling."

"There are also manipulatives toys that are placed in the play room and these items are related to the theme that we are learning in my regular Gymnademic class!"

"Oooh.. how I love coming to Gymnademics for a play session.
How about you?"

And as part of their opening promotion, they’re waiving off registration fees and giving away a complimentary session when you sign up at the ARC

Last but not least, please jot down this very important date for this seminar


The kind people at Gymnademics are giving my readers at Rayconniebaby a 4 hour free play pass (worth $40!) to one lucky winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be chosen randomly and winners will be announced on 26 November 2013 on this blog entry and via your email address.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Last lap before Primary 1 - Neuromath Junior

Mathematics and I are not always the best of friends. Not being a fan of it makes it even more difficult for me to teach Isadore for I went through the many yet ineffective methods.

You may ask, 
"So why is Maths so important in today's learning?"

According to Neuromath founder, Mr Norman Tien in his interview in "Mad about Math" article in The New Age Parents, he had stated that

"Singapore is known to have one of the best Mathematics syllabus in our education system. However, many children still struggle to grasp mathematical concepts.."

I know I would NOT want Isa to go through what I had - struggle with the subject and ending up dreading it. But after being introduced to Neuromath Junior's Step Into Primary One (SIPO), I became a student myself all over again and to know that there are MORE than meets the eye for the subject.

Here are the common misconceptions of Maths which many of us can be quite familiar with:
  • Maths is about drilling
  • Maths is about addition and subtraction
  • My child learns the same way as I do
extracted from article"Mad about Math", The New Age Parents interview.

Rather, learning Maths need not be in a mundane way.

"Introduce Mathematics using everyday objects and let children learn math concepts and skills by doing meaningful and engaging activities, activities that can bring out the logic behind."
extracted from article"Mad about Math", The New Age Parents interview.

Does this sound very easy? How about..

" (having a) Play based learning allows children to learn by doing in a purposeful way. These motivated practices and activities enable them to develop Mathematical concepts and skills."
extracted from article"Mad about Math", The New Age Parents interview.

So we were more than glad when we got approached by Neuromath Junior to sit in and participate in their SIPO Programme at their sparkling new outlet!

Isa and I were both very excited. I can't wait to seek advice from the experts on how we could help enhance Isa's thinking skills and definitely prep him up for Primary One! 
Come, join me and Isa on this meaningful and purposeful journey of learning Maths!
  • The SIPO programme
This programme that Isa is undergoing is basically crafted meant for the Primary 1 goers. It comprises of Math and Cognitive development with the focus point on the previous. In the SIPO programme, these vital concepts will be covered:
  1. Number Sequencing*, Pattern and Bonds
  2. Model Drawing
  3. Maths Concepts and Strategies through Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach
  4. Logic Reasoning, Visual Spatial and Fine Gross Motor skills

I have never seen such a keen and enthusiastic learner!

Isa's teacher - 
Teacher Nana briefing the children before she starts a game on number sequence.

Simple game it may seemed but it suits the 3 primary kinds of learners: 
Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.
Visual learner learns through sight, auditory through sound while kinesthetic through movement. 

One of the many follow up activities of the topic.

Oh why does Isa looked so lost?

Stayed tuned how Isa took a new leap on this familiar yet challenging topic on "Number Sequence".

This is part one of a three-part series in this review of Neuromath Junior's SIPO Programme. The second post is on Isadore's break through in his learning with Neuromath Junior in a span of one term and the last post will be a highlight topic of the SIPO programme.

Neuromath Junior @ Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road #17-02 Parkway Parade S(449269)

Tel: 6440 0809 Email:
Facebook at

Isa and I are invited to participate and review Neuromath Junior's SIPO Programme. These opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the complimentary classes given. 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Graduation concert for my #1

November is a emotional month for me.
To know that someone is completing his kindy years.
What did all the time go?

Needless to say, our schedule in October was very tight.
Isa had to attend 2 times of rehearsals, coupled with his enrichment classes schedules, my whole month was sort of in a mayhem. 

We were glad that we survived October but here were some snapshots from home on how this Pri 1 goer had done for his concert which was on 
2 Nov 2013 at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls (Secondary) School

One of those nights when he was dancing around while I turned the music on.
Oh ya, did I mention that they were to dance to "Oppa Gangnam Style"
Why this song. Tell me about it.
It does not matter. To know that my son has SUCH enthusiasm over something means this is something that he really treasure.

On the actual day of 2 November
Full make up includes powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick.
I am surprised Isa was game for eyeliner.

At the venue itself where the children gathered before the concert.
I actually like the girl's outfit.

The concert's crowd.

One tiny audience.

Let's begin.

His class for 2013.

Certificate ceremony and he knew I was taking a picture of him.

There was of course many dances from the 5 graduating classes. 
Each class were to do 2 items each (one english dance and one chinese dance) so we really had to sit back and relax.

After 2 and half hours, finale!

Close up shot of Isa and his classmate Kezia with the matching outfit.

Just us.
Ok please excuse while I grab a tissue.

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