Friday, October 18, 2013

Progress at Gymnademics..

How time flies. Dora already completed 3 terms at Gymnademics.
Here are many snapshots of her through out the terms.

Her first teacher: Teacher Mark, 
a very significant person in Dora's life.
It is so sad that we just can't seem to fit her into Tr Mark's current schedule for Dora's level at Prefellow class.

Seriously we didn't know a toddler can be so attentive.
Very commendable for a first timer with flash cards.

One of the many stunts the children do at the gym class.
They are afterall attending a gym class isn't it.

There was a session when Jonas joined us for a trial and you see how the Papas were making themselves very at home. 

Our first make up lesson with Tr Rachelle.
Back then at 15mths, Dora was still not very wiling to walk independently.

Then there was this lesson when STRIPS was the trend. 
Even one of the mummies was in stripes!

Our first handicraft work with Dora.
And we had to make our way down from a staycation to class!

Her first handstand. 
Our little daredevil loves this!
As the child places most of their weight on their hands, it will aid them up to control their wrist strength thus helping them in their prewriting skills!

The topic for that particular week was on Physics. 
Nope I am not kidding you. 

As a preschool educator, I am one who is quite concern about the topic for learning is being taught and how it is being delivered.
Gymnademics always gives us surprises and they do in a holistic manner. 
This is very important to children's fundamental learning.

Music and Movement time
Dora listened intently to the music and then followed instructions given by the teacher. 

Tunnel Crawling
Crawling through a tunnel was not just about physical development, to be able to crawl and willing to crawl through the tunnel definitely requires the child's ability and understanding of visual perception which is actually a reflection of their cognitive development as well.
Did all the jargon got your jaws dropping yet?

It is such a joy to see an eager learner with such an intensity to learn.
Handson learning about soil and seed planting.
That is the beautiful Teacher Mun.

There was the week when they learnt about shadows.

Ray Papa is so mesmerised by his little girl's learning.

During their "Colourful Costumes" week
"Ms Chunli" dropped by for a visit.

"If a child can do a certain stunt i.e. balancing or jumping, it is actually showing that the child understand his/her body well enough."
Tr Selene Diong, principal trainer of Gymnademics

Before we come to a closure of Dora's 3rd term, we are happy to announce that Rayconniebaby is collaborating with the wonderful folks at Gymnademics to host a giveaway soon!

Stay tuned!

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