Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A ideal and typical Saturday..

About a year ago, SMB mummies were linked up to do a simple show case of our daily lives. And now it is back on a BIGGER and better scale! Ok mayb i exaggerate a lil.

Anyway if you were interested to see what went on in my typical daily life back then in 2012, it is here.

This year, I opt to share with you what I do on a typical weekend! A typical ideal Saturday to be more specific.

Kids getting geared up for a grocery shopping session on a Saturday.
This is only made possible when I am not working else my Ray papa will doing the groceries alone. Such a Mr Nice I know. 

When we arrived, it was almost lunch so keeping our tummies filled was very important. The reason why we arrived so late as we had to wait for this lil lady boss to take a long morning nap lest she being cranky in the mid of the day.
"A hungry baby is a angry baby" no?

Supermarket attack!
We will usually go to a hypermart once a month or whenever we bring the duo along. The luxury of having big space and air conditioning is such a plus point for us.

Dora with her found fave. 
Don't ask me when and how she started to think that anything related to girlie are interesting to her. Sofia the First, Ariel, Rapunzel from Tangled, just to name a few. They ALL keep her mesmerised. 

Non mobile kiddy rides can keep the children happy.

I like bringing my children to supermarket trips.
Mainly because we can get to spend time together. Also they always get to learn new things.
Here Dora was holding on a bunch of fake grapes. They were placed on top of a wine barrel. Thank goodness she didnt bite anything off. Isa explored this same bunch of grapes and said they were "fake" as there were wires in them. 
Good observation!

Dora can usually relatively stay put in the trolley for a while say 20-30 minutes. Well it also depends on who is pushing her and what are the things that are on display that can attract her.
While Ray papa and the duo were watching a Barney on the television, I quickly zipped off to grab some items that are on my shopping list. Talk about effectiveness huh.

Here, we went to the first floor of the supermarket. This is one of Isa's favourite hangout. The air is super cool and there are live seafood for them to look at!

Lesson of the day: The man who was in charge of the live seafood was a very patient man. I didn't dare to take his picture as a matter of courtesy. He was hanging out there managing his prawn tank then he suddenly threw a couple of dead prawns into the lobster tank.

Then we moved on to the fruits section.
Argh. I spotted a watermelon with oozing bubbles.
Anyone wanna help me explain why there could be bubbles oozing out from the fruit?

By the way, the bubbles were oozing from the mini watermelons.
Left hand side: normal size watermelons
Right hand side: mini watermelons.

My mr poser.

Total damage after 2 hours of shopping: 
damage was approx $250

Post dinner activity.
Something that doesnt cost much yet it bring so much joy.

And when the kiddos are asleep, I will check on their bags for letters from school and such.
Blogging starts for me in the wee hours.

Is your lifestyle similar to mine? :)

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Adora Tan said...

Wow, it must be nice to live so close to an Xtra! Live seafood section: I'm sure my kids will hang out there as well :) Thanks for linking up!

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