Friday, September 27, 2013

Dora's perception and development at about 20mths

Not exactly milestones, rather here are Dora's perception and understanding of our world through my observations.

She knows how to poke the plastic fork steadily into the pancake.

She was trying to place the key into the keyhole.
She picked the right key and it is not by chance.

She knows this bottle contains something she can drink and only when you tilt it up, you will get the liquid straight into your mouth.

She will acknowledge familiar faces with a smile.

She knows she had to turn on the switch to get a light from the torchlight.

She always laugh out loud at funny situations.
Thank God for her inherited humour.

She is also not afraid of showing her emotions after she got scolded.

Including pretending to cover her eyes to "cry".

There she is, Dora demonstrating that she knows what that little clipper is for.

Erhm. Did I mention she is a couple of days short of 20mths old?

What an interesting child we have here. My #2.

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