Friday, September 13, 2013

Delicacies for a birthday celebration..

One of the most extravagant birthday celebration that I had ever been.. 

Fancy a whole roasted lamb or..

roasted suckling pig that is being bbq on the spot..?

we had it all.

It was my 4th uncle's 70th birthday over the last weekend. And it had one of the most wonderful food spread for us..
Considering that the venue was at a chalet, it definitely didnt make us feel like it.

the gen Y kids w their gadgets.

I am always very happy that my kids get to meet my cousins and their children.
I felt such warmth when Isadore's arrival was welcome by a shout from Jonathan (my cousin's son).

This is definitely the biggest longevity bun I had ever seen.

Happy birthday 四伯.
Ok I am in such a chinese mood. :)
And looking forward to our next family gathering.

Linking up these nice delicacies with Jennifer's FF

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