Monday, September 30, 2013

{Giveaway} Neuromath workshop - Visual Cognitive Skills And Why They Are Important For Math Success

Neuromath (NJR) is hosting a series of workshops over the next few weeks and Rayconniebaby is very happy to host this short giveaway. Do help to spread this good news around especially if your family or friends have children around 3-6 years of age.

More about the workshop:

Topic: Visual Cognitive Skills And Why They Are Important For Math Success

Visual spatial related activities develop critical thinking skills that enable children to tackle challenging visual quizzes and math Olympiad questions. Children who are strong in this area will not view mathematics as abstract rules but rather as tools for problem solving in everyday situations. In this fun and lively workshop delivered by Mr Norman Tien, founder of Neuromath Group, you will get a crystal clear picture of the importance of visual perception skills and some useful approaches to strengthen this ability.
  • Understand why some children can visualise and do well in math with little effort while others need to work extremely hard but not getting the result
  • Understand the importance to develop the foundation of the brain for visual learning
  • What form of math visual perception training is more effective than the conventional drilling approach
  • How to prepare your child to love and excel in math when he/she enters primary school 

And just for Rayconniebaby readers, NJR is generously giving away 5 (five) passes for my avid readers. Each session is worth $49.5 each! Seats are limited and are very exclusive to my readers.

It is very easy to quality. Just leave your name, your child's age and email address in my comment box by 3 October 2013 2359 hrs and you are in!

Winners will be chosen randomly and winners will be announced on 4 October 2013 on this blog entry and via your email address.

Address: 80 Marine Parade Road #17-02 Parkway Parade S(449269)
Time: 10 am to 12 nn
Date: 5 Oct 2013  12 October 2013 (Saturday)
*due to unforeseen circumstance, date of workshop has been changed


Congratulations to Veron, Irene, XinXuan, Joyce and Serene. Your submissions had been selected as winners to the workshop. Please keep a lookout for an email from NJR.

This workshop is suitable for parents with children aged 3 to 6 years old.

By the way, have you like our Rayconniebaby fanpage yet? Hope you like our giveaway.

#Disclaimer: Should you be unable to attend the trial, Rayconniebaby and Neuromath Junior reserve the right to give your slot to the next winner.By taking part in this giveaway, you agree to have your details shared with Neuromath Junior.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dora's perception and development at about 20mths

Not exactly milestones, rather here are Dora's perception and understanding of our world through my observations.

She knows how to poke the plastic fork steadily into the pancake.

She was trying to place the key into the keyhole.
She picked the right key and it is not by chance.

She knows this bottle contains something she can drink and only when you tilt it up, you will get the liquid straight into your mouth.

She will acknowledge familiar faces with a smile.

She knows she had to turn on the switch to get a light from the torchlight.

She always laugh out loud at funny situations.
Thank God for her inherited humour.

She is also not afraid of showing her emotions after she got scolded.

Including pretending to cover her eyes to "cry".

There she is, Dora demonstrating that she knows what that little clipper is for.

Erhm. Did I mention she is a couple of days short of 20mths old?

What an interesting child we have here. My #2.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{Giveaway} Free trial at Neuromath Junior Parkway Parade

Do you want to know how your child can understand Math better?

LIKE the Neuromath Junior (NJR) fanpage and get a chance to WIN a FREE TRIAL LESSON from Neuromath Junior! 

Your child will enjoy the first-hand experience of their specially crafted lessons that will cover 2 important sections of math learning.

The duration of each trial lesson is 60 minutes and it includes the followings:

1.    Mathematical Concepts
2.    Cognitive & Motor Skills Development

Parents are required to accompany pupils aged 3 and 4 during the lesson. For 5 and 6 years old trial lesson, we also welcome parents to attend with their children. Parents can have a good understanding of Neuromath Junior’s approach in developing your child to love and excel in mathematics! 

Contact them today! 

Address: 80 Marine Parade Road #17-02 Parkway Parade S(449269)
Tel: 6440 0809

Pictures of Isa in his NJR class.

Disclaimer: The FREE TRIAL is only available at the Neuromath Parkway Parade Centre. Not valid in conjunction with any other promo. Terms and condition apply.

*For children aged 3 to 6 years old 

*Only 30 FREE seats 

Read more about Neuromath Junior at their official webpage 

*This free trial is only open up to children who has not attended NJR class or trials before.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Different way to spell..

Despite being a linguistic child, Isa is not good in spelling.
We had tried many ways and here is one of them.
Acting it out!

Can you guess what word is this?

Each of the following is an individual letter each.

The clue: word is related to water.
Happy guessing!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Delicacies for a birthday celebration..

One of the most extravagant birthday celebration that I had ever been.. 

Fancy a whole roasted lamb or..

roasted suckling pig that is being bbq on the spot..?

we had it all.

It was my 4th uncle's 70th birthday over the last weekend. And it had one of the most wonderful food spread for us..
Considering that the venue was at a chalet, it definitely didnt make us feel like it.

the gen Y kids w their gadgets.

I am always very happy that my kids get to meet my cousins and their children.
I felt such warmth when Isadore's arrival was welcome by a shout from Jonathan (my cousin's son).

This is definitely the biggest longevity bun I had ever seen.

Happy birthday 四伯.
Ok I am in such a chinese mood. :)
And looking forward to our next family gathering.

Linking up these nice delicacies with Jennifer's FF

Friday, September 06, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day 2013 all the teachers and myself..

To the teachers in CK

To Ms Ng and your team of teachers
I would like to thank you 
For your patience and love.

To the teachers at Gymnademics

To Tr Selene, Tr Joseph and team of teachers
thank you too for imparting so much knowledge to Dora
for your innovative ways of teaching

I cant thank enough for all of you.
I would sincerely like to thank you 
from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Teacher's Day!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Happy birthday to Ray papa..

Happy birthday to the 
man of my life
the dad of the kids
the best friend that is always

I love you baby.
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