Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Short Getaway from 08-10 Aug 13 to Batam - Nagoya Mansion Part 1

This was a long awaited trip. ALL of us were waiting for this. Okay maybe it was just me. :D

Anyway I got in contact with one of the local tour agency and arranged for this short getaway.

I initiated this and I just want to make sure this gets through. Planning for 8 of us was not easy. Do you also follow these pointers before you plan for a trip?
  • kids friendly. checked
  • suits everyone's needs. checked
  • short travelling time. checked
  • cannot utilise the whole weekend. checked.
  • affordable. checked
  • spacious room. checked
So to said, nothing beats this long weekend! So I booked and paid. All in all we only paid about $130 per pax (price of adult and all other misc charges are included). Such a worthy deal. Alright 'nuff said.

Waiting for departure at HarbourFront Centre.

Despite travelling, I was glad that Isa rem the Thur, Sat and Sun* rule.
*Thur, Sat and Sun rule means he can only play the mobile and ipad on these three days.

After the departure announcement made, the crowd just suddenly swarmed towards the boarding gate. Quite scary I would say.
While collecting our boarding pass, we hearsay from the frontdesk lady that there was about 300+ people boarding at a similar time, all heading to Batam.

FYI: There are a few vessels operators in SG to Batam. Most of them operates from HabourFront to Batam while some operates from Tanah Merah Terminal to Batam.
There are 4 (I think) ferry terminals in Batam in which these vessels can dock. This explains the huge crowd at the ferry terminal.

We just could not wait to get on the ferry.
I prayed for a safe journey. :)
See how comfortable my old man can get.
By the way, it only require about an hour of ferry journey to reach Batam.

Beautiful sight welcome us upon arrival.

My 2 little tourists with their touristy stickers.
Did I mention that this is Dora's first overnight trip to overseas?
Maybe this explains my anxiety. Ya I was a lil stressed out before the trip.

Batam Centre ferry terminal.

Then there was the arranged transfer service to..
Nagoya Mansion Hotel!

Our suite was on the 19th floor.

Be awed by the view.

Living room area.

Kitchenette area.

Only one of the bedroom has an ensuite so there is a common toilet.

Someone getting cosy.

This was my parent's room on the 18th floor.
 I would say it has generous space for a deluxe room too.

Swimming pool. 

And who say man are not good at taking selfie?

Guess it was good that we didn't have time to bring Dora to the pool cos Ray papa and Isa who both went for a quick dip and both caught a cold.

Restaurant where we had our breakfasts.

The pub area that is not yet in operation.

That very same night, Ray papa and my folks ventured and walked to the nearby shopping mall for dinner. 
I was glad to stay in the hotel with the kids as we ordered room service.

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

The corridors on the first floor of the mall.

Nice fresh fish ready for BBQ!

That is how authentic it can get.
Freshly bbq with charcoal pits.


My supper had a tail and have wings

and it costs us a whopping $85000!
(Rupiah $85000 is equivalent to SGD$10)

Day 2 and 3..To be continued in another post.

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