Sunday, August 11, 2013

Organising homelearning work for a 6 year old..

Am I the only one who is always having problem assigning work to a 6 year old child and he end up doing almost nothing? And often this happens even when I am at home.

Isa is a very outspoken child.Thus he can give me a long list of reasons. 

"I cant find the page!" checked.
"I don't know which book!" checked.
"I am tired!" checked.
"Mama... !" checked.

I got inspired and thus adopted and thus modified a method from Dinomama's.
Maybe we can add a bit of colours and motivation to give Isa the extra push!

Here is what I did!

What you need: pens and post it pads
How long: 1-2 minutes

The usual amount of work I will assign to Isa.

See the sticky notes?

I will work on this one further in another blogpost.

post it pads to indicate the exact pages to do.

my trustworthy post it pads that comes in different sizes and shapes.
The plus point: colourful thing attracts my lil man.

There you go!
So far for the past few days of assigned work, he completed them independently and now we are using this to work on a consolidated reward chart!

Let me know if it works for your child too!

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