Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Herbs and Spice Tour at Jacob Ballas Garden on 17 June 2013

Just us and our children.
We had a date to hunt for Herbs and Spices at Jacob Ballas (JB).
Trivia: What is the difference between herbs and spice?

The same old tree frame that greets us.

While waiting for Aunt Sue to come.
The boys having an activity time.

Our three very inquisitive children.
Hmm I agree they are the only ones who spoke and question alot among the group of children who attended this walk.

Our guide of the day: Mr Hassan

Isa with his first discovery.

Mr Hassan was a man with deep knowledge and he has his way with children.

Umbrella is not always used for the rain.

Lazy me forgot the pack the cap in so used my hello kitty towel to shield Isa from the sun.

Love this part of the walk: the guide actually provide a tamarind tasting session.

Isa and tamarind.

The walk soon came to an end. And we all went for a short picnic after with our children.


Before reaching the entrance, we suddenly chanced upon this peculiar looking object lying across the concrete ground.

What a bonus time to explore these little intrigue minds!

This little outdoor discovery actually makes this walk a very eventful one!

Aunty Sue's questions quickly empowered the children to think.
She asked the children where could this "thing" possible come from?
I knew she was trying to provoke the children's thinking when she actually describes "it" looking like a monkey's tail.

Dumpling was the youngest yet her answers were very significant. She actually disagree the object as monkey's tail and even deduce that it was not possible as blood was not present. 

After some discussions, Aunty Sue peeled open the object, the 3 children each have their own expressions and then made their own conclusions about the "tail".

At the end of the day, all our children went home with a headful of thinking.
It was a very interesting trip.. do drop JB to catch these "monkey's tails".

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