Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dora's first documented sketch..

Dora first documented sketch on 11 August 2013. 

A reflection of what is cited from Babycenter UK:

12 to 18 months
Over the last several months of his first year, your child's fine motor skills improved steadily. Now he's physically ready to grab hold of a crayon and start experimenting. At 12 or 13 months, some toddlers are already able to scribble vigorously, while others start tentatively (they'll drag a crayon around on paper, scrawling inadvertently). If yours takes longer, that's fine, too. Children develop at different rates, some faster than others. By around 16 months, your little one will probably be a scribbling pro, creating a gallery's worth of drawings for the refrigerator.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy birthday Gongong!!

Happy 65th birthday to the man I respect the most.
We love you so much.
And i know my kids adore him as much as I adore him.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

HeART Studio September holiday classes giveaway! *Updates for winners

With the upcoming September school hols coming, are you planning for anything for your lil ones? 

Whether coming from a mom or teacher point of view, I am always on the lookout for activities that can occupy my children with positive learning objectives. Art sessions is definitely one of them. 

"Here in heART Studio,we know that early engagement with the Arts has a positive impact on young people – raising aspirations, increasing confidence, improving communication skills and unlocking creativity. We believe that Art allows children to explore new worlds and to view life from another perspective. Art also encourages individuals to sharpen their skills and to nurture their imagination and intellect. "

extracted from HeART Studio's website

How I love the passion that is coming out from the people at HeART Studio.

Here is what they have to offer for this upcoming September school hols.

Information of this schedule is also available at their facebook fanpage

For this giveaway, I will zoom down particularly to the "Young Masters" pieces that is for children of Isa's age.

They are so beautiful, arent they?
More about the pieces:

Houses - Karla Gerard

Using the subject matter of building and trees,
they will explore the different patterns that can be used as part of the painting itself. The use of bright colours will also capture the child's attention as well as the viewers to the painting.

Ballerina - Edgar Degars

with the subject matter of dancers and ballerinas, this program will allow the child to learn more about the famous French painter Degas and they will learn how to paint figure. with the use of dramatic colours and strokes, the child will come up with a stunning piece of a dancer of their own.

So if you have children or know children of this age group who is suitable to attend the Young Masters class, please feel free to spread the word. Please note though the session is complimentary, the people at HeART studio will try their best to accomodate to your preferred choice of class but it is also subjected to the availability of the session. 


And just for you, HeART studio is generously giving away TWO sessions Edgar Degas "Ballerina" and TWO sessions of Karala Gerard "Houses" sessions for my dear readers at Rayconniebaby. That is a total of 4 sessions to be won! Did I even mention that each session is worth $75!

It is so easy to qualify!
Just leave your name and a valid email address in my blog post and comment which class (Ballerina or Houses) would you like your child to attend.

That is all!

Contest ends 30 August 2013 2359hrs and winners will be announced thru this same blog post on 31st August 2013 and also on our fanpage. We will also contact you through your email.

This is not ALL! 
Do hop over to Mothekao's website to see her giveaway for classes for 3-4 years old!

By the way, have you like our Rayconniebaby fanpage yet? Hope you like our giveaway.


update: WINNERS!
Congratulations to Diana Gale, PC Lee, Mona and MG!
New winner is Arlyn!
Please check your mailbox soon for an email.
Thank you for your overwhelming participation!

#Disclaimer: We received a complimentary session from HeART studio. No monetary compensation was received. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Herbs and Spice Tour at Jacob Ballas Garden on 17 June 2013

Just us and our children.
We had a date to hunt for Herbs and Spices at Jacob Ballas (JB).
Trivia: What is the difference between herbs and spice?

The same old tree frame that greets us.

While waiting for Aunt Sue to come.
The boys having an activity time.

Our three very inquisitive children.
Hmm I agree they are the only ones who spoke and question alot among the group of children who attended this walk.

Our guide of the day: Mr Hassan

Isa with his first discovery.

Mr Hassan was a man with deep knowledge and he has his way with children.

Umbrella is not always used for the rain.

Lazy me forgot the pack the cap in so used my hello kitty towel to shield Isa from the sun.

Love this part of the walk: the guide actually provide a tamarind tasting session.

Isa and tamarind.

The walk soon came to an end. And we all went for a short picnic after with our children.


Before reaching the entrance, we suddenly chanced upon this peculiar looking object lying across the concrete ground.

What a bonus time to explore these little intrigue minds!

This little outdoor discovery actually makes this walk a very eventful one!

Aunty Sue's questions quickly empowered the children to think.
She asked the children where could this "thing" possible come from?
I knew she was trying to provoke the children's thinking when she actually describes "it" looking like a monkey's tail.

Dumpling was the youngest yet her answers were very significant. She actually disagree the object as monkey's tail and even deduce that it was not possible as blood was not present. 

After some discussions, Aunty Sue peeled open the object, the 3 children each have their own expressions and then made their own conclusions about the "tail".

At the end of the day, all our children went home with a headful of thinking.
It was a very interesting trip.. do drop JB to catch these "monkey's tails".

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Short Getaway from 08-10 Aug 13 to Batam - Nagoya Mansion Part 2

9 Aug - Second day:
Breakfast was inclusive. It was the typical fare with supposedly international cuisine.

The lil man was very interested in the cereal section with the cereal dispenser.

The only place with the longest Q as this was the most tasty food in the whole restaurant. Chef was obviously inexperienced and the handling of two food items was not making anything better for him.

We all proceed back to Nagoya Hill Shopping mall soon after breakfast. For safety reasons, my parents, helper, kiddos and me took a cab from our hotel to the mall while sis and Ray papa walked and met us there. Though it was only a mere 7-10 minute walk but as there was no proper pedestrians pavement and we had a stroller, the choice was obvious.

It is not expensive to hire a taxi in Batam but if you do not speak the language, you can be paying anything from Rupiah 40,ooo to 50,ooo (almost equivalent SGD $5-$6) per ride. My dad could speak Malay, though not exactly the same as Bahasa, he managed to negotiate for a ride which we only pay Rupiah 25,000 (=SGD$3) per ride.

We'd reached.

My handsome dad. 

Rootbeer Float.
A must drink item if you come Batam as they have already stop all operations in Singapore. How I miss curly fries and this.

This was actually a model of the terrace housing that they are selling in Batam. You know sort of like a property exhibition in the corner of the mall. 
Just for thoughts: If you can afford, would you buy a housing here? Why and why not?

We soon went to walk around the mall.

They also have this Little Tikes trolley ride in the supermarket.
See how bossy Dora is.
She was not very happy that korkor wants to sit cos apparently she was "placed" in the car first.

So after a while and negotiation, korkor gave in to her.
See the winning smile?

In one of the shops selling sports items.

Then we went to the game arcade.
Yes it is managed by Timezone.
It was a very good deal buying their card.
If you buy the card with a credit of Rupiah 70,000, you will get another 100% of credit in your card!
No wonder Ray papa and Isa spent more than 45minutes there.
We used the time to venture in the supermarket with Dora in the cute trolley ride.

The credit was really that much and not easy to spent it off so we just swipe and swipe and swipe... and swipe.. and swipe.. till we finally finished utilising the Rupiah$1.4m worth of credit.

I actually realized that Dora has a thing for vehicles. Maybe she does get influenced by Isa a little as he is very into transportation and such.
She actually keep pointing to the motorcycles that were on sale till my Dad brought her for a seat on it. It made her so happy.

Soon time flies, we had to go back to the hotel as we need let Dora take her nap. 

While Ray papa, my helpers, kiddos and I went back to the hotel, my parents and sis stayed at the mall to pack dinner for us.

Fried rice and noodles.

the Penyet sets. 
Did I rem correctly it was about Rupiah 25,000 (=SGD$3) each or was it lesser?

Oh by the way, did I mention we get to have free wifi in our hotel rooms?
Though it was not that stable but it was complimentary.
And I just realized the language in my game was changed to Bahasa Indonesia as well. I could not help but took a printscreen of it.

Showing our patriotism even when we are not in Singapore.

10 Aug - Third and last day
It was time to go home!

Kiddos playing with the luggage trolley.

Despite the frequent squabbles, korkor still takes care of the lil one alot.

I simply loves travelling with my parents.
The time they spend together is simply priceless.

I think the kiddos are getting too cosy in the vessel.

Ok back to reality.
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