Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Registration has been done.. for Primary School 2014

Many may ask, why this school?

  • the recommendation from my secondary school teacher. He was the one who told me this school focuses alot on project style learning. A teacher recommending the school. Cannot be that bad right? .
  • then I knew of some parents whose children were attending this school also have positive feedback about the school's team of teachers
  • I prefer a middle range school so that Isa would enjoy learning and have a good memory of his primary school. In another words, I will not be too stressful guiding him in his work too. 
So the choice was made.
40 voluntary hours make this day a very long awaited one.

Then we also went for the Open House on 13 July.


A goodie bag?

The performance by the children.

Isa with Z
Someone whom he can look up to.

A typical size classroom for the primary 1s.


A showcase of the harmonica group.
Pretty impressive I must say.

The layout of the different exhibitions for the Open House.

Then came the day of registration, 

a day when I was about to sign on the line.. 

Wait a minute.

Photo credits

You mean this little fellow is going to formal primary school next year?

I need a tissue please.
I can expect lots more work to be done.


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