Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jurong Bird Park on 14 July 2013..

Dora exhibiting her understanding that we are going out.

Camwhore mama with kids.

We set off from my folks' place so travelling time of 10minutes was a big bonus.
Kids were not cranky and energy were reserved for the trip.

Wacko papa at work.
Isa started reading the map.

Isa was so engrossed till he refused a picture.

First stop. Guess who is in here?

Viewing before the Birds of Prey show.

Oh oh.. someone doesnt like the smell emiting from the cages.


Even the ice cream mini tub's cover has a picture of a flamingo.
How interesting!

Birds of Prey show at 11am.

Ms grouchy after the show. 
She was sleepy, hungry, tired. 
We did feed her something to eat but guess she was still a little under the weather.

"He aint heavy, he is my brother"

Wacko papa treating mei mei like some cuckoo clock.

I actually bought this pair of shoes for her at the Bird Park cos her shoes were wet.
They didnt come cheap. Ouch.

I love this playground.
How often do we still see swings and see-saws around?

It is also when the child side of us gets unleashed.

The man has to do the job when the man has to.

My favourite stop cos it was fully airconditioned.

My favourite picture of the day of Dora. 

Though it was a very short trip but it was a very fulfilling Sunday.
I love outings like these with the children.

Hmm where shall we go next?

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Yee Mei said...

Hello mommy blogger! :-) Just stumbled onto your blog and enjoyed this post. Your kids are very cute and you seem to have a good relationship with each other. Thanks for sharing this family day fun! It's a good reminder for all the moms to really spend time with their kids!

xo, Yee Mei

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