Thursday, July 11, 2013

How I celebrated my day..

It all started with a photography session with my family on last Sunday.

The mandatory item for all our family members on our birthdays.

My own family.

The cake which I ordered for myself.
Rainbow cake with cream cheese topped with strawberries.
Baker decorated it with kitkat with compliments. Thanks Ziana.

Then on Monday, 
I met up with my very good bunch of friends who made my day with mini buffet, cake and such. 
It also marks our first anniversary as friends. How special.

Their order of a red velvet chiffon cake topped with cream cheese..

Then earlier this morning I had such a huge smile when I saw my mum's sms.
Yes I am still her baby. :D

I got wishes from over 100+ friends?
Gee.. Thank you all again!

Despite NOT coming home yesterday night, Ray papa came home with a small surprise for me.

This was how I celebrated my birthday.
I only know I am very blessed.
Thank you all once again.. and not forgetting Him.

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