Monday, July 29, 2013

Beginning of homelearning..

I have been an early childhood educator for years for now. But I guess inertia and me are best friends thus it need to take me that long to start on this new learning journey with my kiddos. 

Homelearning is not something new. It sort of derived from homeschooling. Basically in our local context, when one say she is homeschooling her child, it actually does mean that the child DOES NOT attend formal school and the parent will educate their children at home. Surprisingly, this is not uncommon for children here below the age of 7. Well I guess I am not so ambitious to start on the homeschool part as I do work from time to time thus I guess the more adoptive way of learning together with my children is to basically start them on a homelearning route.

Although I keep harping on the fact that I have been teaching other people's children for many years but when it comes to my own children, I am just like a new kid on the block! Thus I am new to this. I am really blessed that I have a few friends who does homelearning with their children.

For a start 

So I will be sharing something that I do with my 18 month daughter on a daily basis.
  • What you need: old story books
  • How long: 15-20 minutes depending on your child's interest/attention span.

The books displayed here are books that Isa used in school in the previous years/terms.
Ever since Dora expressed her interests in books, I started to read to her. Only to realize that she also love reading just like Isa and myself. What a pleasant surprise.

At the beginning of story telling, I will always make an effort to read the title to her.

And I  point at the sections (or page) where I was reading.

Follow up activity: Kor kor to read to her!
What a wonderful time to bond over activity time!

We do this every evening for now. So far till now, she is still able to sit through when I read all 6 books continuously to her. That is about 10minutes. 
Well done Dora!

Some websites where I get my weekly readings from:
  • Ben and Me:

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