Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1 household, 3 different moms..

The very quirky title is such a teaser, isnt it? And no, it doesn't mean there are 3 moms in my household. Rather I actually mean I had wore the 3 different types of hats in this household so far.

Well this title depicts my path that I went through for the last 8 months. It was quite a roller coaster ride I would say but definitely there were many learning curves as well.

3 moms are described like this here: I went through the role from a FTWM to a PTWM then to SAHM. Read on to see what is my eventual choice.

Before that, let me share my typical day with you playing these different roles.

This is my first choice shortly after I gave birth to Isa. I basically enjoying sending my son to school as we have the mornings - car rides times as our twosome time cos when it is post dinner times, quality time/attention has to be shared among both kiddos. Try spend more time with them over the weekends. Had to squeeze in errands and grocery on a weekend morning. 

PTWM for 5 months:
I only work about 28 hours per weeks which broke down into about 3.5 days of work each week. Thursday was my off day thus I had more time to run errands and to bring Isa to a less crowded enrichment class slot. I could even use the Thursday morning for a me session - Zumba! Thursday then became my favourite day of the week.
More evening times with the kids and even had enough time to bake with them and cook for them at times.

SAHM for 2 months:
Had every opportunity to spend time with them, even in the daily chores such as bathing them and changing them. Brought time out almost every other day as I happened to choose to be a SAHM from the June holidays which made it so advantageous cos the kiddos literally hung around me for the whole day! We even choose a random weekday evening when I just bring them Polliwogs and they keep asking for more.
Spent more time hanging out with my friends too as I do leave the kiddos at home at times to regain my sanity. Can do grocery on weekday morning.

And today I made a choice again. I think i still belong to the first choice that I made right from the start.

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pc said...

Great that you have decided what is best for you:). A happy mum is really mean happy children.

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