Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1 household, 3 different moms..

The very quirky title is such a teaser, isnt it? And no, it doesn't mean there are 3 moms in my household. Rather I actually mean I had wore the 3 different types of hats in this household so far.

Well this title depicts my path that I went through for the last 8 months. It was quite a roller coaster ride I would say but definitely there were many learning curves as well.

3 moms are described like this here: I went through the role from a FTWM to a PTWM then to SAHM. Read on to see what is my eventual choice.

Before that, let me share my typical day with you playing these different roles.

This is my first choice shortly after I gave birth to Isa. I basically enjoying sending my son to school as we have the mornings - car rides times as our twosome time cos when it is post dinner times, quality time/attention has to be shared among both kiddos. Try spend more time with them over the weekends. Had to squeeze in errands and grocery on a weekend morning. 

PTWM for 5 months:
I only work about 28 hours per weeks which broke down into about 3.5 days of work each week. Thursday was my off day thus I had more time to run errands and to bring Isa to a less crowded enrichment class slot. I could even use the Thursday morning for a me session - Zumba! Thursday then became my favourite day of the week.
More evening times with the kids and even had enough time to bake with them and cook for them at times.

SAHM for 2 months:
Had every opportunity to spend time with them, even in the daily chores such as bathing them and changing them. Brought time out almost every other day as I happened to choose to be a SAHM from the June holidays which made it so advantageous cos the kiddos literally hung around me for the whole day! We even choose a random weekday evening when I just bring them Polliwogs and they keep asking for more.
Spent more time hanging out with my friends too as I do leave the kiddos at home at times to regain my sanity. Can do grocery on weekday morning.

And today I made a choice again. I think i still belong to the first choice that I made right from the start.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pink Ribbon Walk 2013

BCF* is a non-profit organisation set up in 1997 with the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. To achieve this, it propagates awareness and education through talks, seminars, exhibitions and publications, and advocates early detection through regular screening. 

Through this event, BCF also hope to reach out to as many people as possible irrespective of gender, profession or ethnic group. BCF believes that by doing so more people will not only become aware of breast cancer and related issues but also become our partners in spreading our education messages. 

Though the actual Breast Cancer campaign is in October, BCF is organising face-to-face programmes, fund-raising activities as well as messages and information through mass media. Click here to see the list of activities that are being organised.

Join me in this walk against breast cancer. Every participation is a significant form of support towards raising breast cancer awareness, showing support to survivors and raising funds to further enhance Breast Cancer Foundation’s support group programmes and awareness outreach.

images are taken from the PRW website

information taken from PRW website

Click here to join me and my friends!

The Pink Ribbon Walk is an annual event and is entirely for charity to build awareness of breast cancer and support of breast cancer survivors and patients.

The Pink Ribbon Walk 2013 is scheduled for Saturday, September 28 from 5pmcommencing at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade and covering 4.1km. Early bird tickets at $32 (U.P $38) are available until 15th August 2013! Prices are inclusive of GST and all proceeds will go to BCF. You’ll receive a goodie bag and free T-shirt (while stocks last). This walk is not only for the ladies, but also for all boyfriends, husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers to extend their support and love to breast cancer patients and survivors.

#Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I have no significant relationship with any product, service, brand or company mentioned in this post. 

*BCF stands for Breast Cancer Foundation 
#PRW stands for Pink Ribbon Walk

Monday, July 29, 2013

Beginning of homelearning..

I have been an early childhood educator for years for now. But I guess inertia and me are best friends thus it need to take me that long to start on this new learning journey with my kiddos. 

Homelearning is not something new. It sort of derived from homeschooling. Basically in our local context, when one say she is homeschooling her child, it actually does mean that the child DOES NOT attend formal school and the parent will educate their children at home. Surprisingly, this is not uncommon for children here below the age of 7. Well I guess I am not so ambitious to start on the homeschool part as I do work from time to time thus I guess the more adoptive way of learning together with my children is to basically start them on a homelearning route.

Although I keep harping on the fact that I have been teaching other people's children for many years but when it comes to my own children, I am just like a new kid on the block! Thus I am new to this. I am really blessed that I have a few friends who does homelearning with their children.

For a start 

So I will be sharing something that I do with my 18 month daughter on a daily basis.
  • What you need: old story books
  • How long: 15-20 minutes depending on your child's interest/attention span.

The books displayed here are books that Isa used in school in the previous years/terms.
Ever since Dora expressed her interests in books, I started to read to her. Only to realize that she also love reading just like Isa and myself. What a pleasant surprise.

At the beginning of story telling, I will always make an effort to read the title to her.

And I  point at the sections (or page) where I was reading.

Follow up activity: Kor kor to read to her!
What a wonderful time to bond over activity time!

We do this every evening for now. So far till now, she is still able to sit through when I read all 6 books continuously to her. That is about 10minutes. 
Well done Dora!

Some websites where I get my weekly readings from:
  • Ben and Me:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Registration has been done.. for Primary School 2014

Many may ask, why this school?

  • the recommendation from my secondary school teacher. He was the one who told me this school focuses alot on project style learning. A teacher recommending the school. Cannot be that bad right? .
  • then I knew of some parents whose children were attending this school also have positive feedback about the school's team of teachers
  • I prefer a middle range school so that Isa would enjoy learning and have a good memory of his primary school. In another words, I will not be too stressful guiding him in his work too. 
So the choice was made.
40 voluntary hours make this day a very long awaited one.

Then we also went for the Open House on 13 July.


A goodie bag?

The performance by the children.

Isa with Z
Someone whom he can look up to.

A typical size classroom for the primary 1s.


A showcase of the harmonica group.
Pretty impressive I must say.

The layout of the different exhibitions for the Open House.

Then came the day of registration, 

a day when I was about to sign on the line.. 

Wait a minute.

Photo credits

You mean this little fellow is going to formal primary school next year?

I need a tissue please.
I can expect lots more work to be done.


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Friday, July 19, 2013

Making of frittata..

Need ideas to fix a quick, easy and healthy meal?
All you need is ..

Ready to eat in 30 minutes 
Preparation time: 
10-15 minutes depending on how fast is your cutting skills.
5 minutes to saute the ingredients 
15 minutes in the oven

You need:
  1. Eggs
  2. Potatoes
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Onion
  5. Mushrooms*
*changeable items: You can replace this item with fish, prawns, chicken etc.

My chopped potatoes and onions. I merely chopped the mushrooms into halves or thirds.

My healthy marinates.
I used (from LtoR) paprika, cayenne, rosemary and garlic powder. 
Kindly note paparika and rosemary are more spicy in taste.

Browned a little garlic before the potatoes, onion and mushrooms get sautéed. 

My regular guy who helped in beating the eggs.
I added a little liquid aminos to the eggs as well.

Muffins tray are useful.
I turned the oven settings to about 190'C


photo credits: Makan Musings
Pour the beaten eggs and sautéed ingredients into the muffin trays.
15 minutes later.

photo credits: Makan Musings
Easy as it looks!
How can you resist something that is so delish!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jurong Bird Park on 14 July 2013..

Dora exhibiting her understanding that we are going out.

Camwhore mama with kids.

We set off from my folks' place so travelling time of 10minutes was a big bonus.
Kids were not cranky and energy were reserved for the trip.

Wacko papa at work.
Isa started reading the map.

Isa was so engrossed till he refused a picture.

First stop. Guess who is in here?

Viewing before the Birds of Prey show.

Oh oh.. someone doesnt like the smell emiting from the cages.


Even the ice cream mini tub's cover has a picture of a flamingo.
How interesting!

Birds of Prey show at 11am.

Ms grouchy after the show. 
She was sleepy, hungry, tired. 
We did feed her something to eat but guess she was still a little under the weather.

"He aint heavy, he is my brother"

Wacko papa treating mei mei like some cuckoo clock.

I actually bought this pair of shoes for her at the Bird Park cos her shoes were wet.
They didnt come cheap. Ouch.

I love this playground.
How often do we still see swings and see-saws around?

It is also when the child side of us gets unleashed.

The man has to do the job when the man has to.

My favourite stop cos it was fully airconditioned.

My favourite picture of the day of Dora. 

Though it was a very short trip but it was a very fulfilling Sunday.
I love outings like these with the children.

Hmm where shall we go next?

Friday, July 12, 2013


I guess you might feel and do the same if you have a girl.
Dress her up!




My personal favourite outfit for her so I have to post 2 of the same outfit but in different poses! 
Da tah! There you go.. ootd!

Note: the meaning of #ootd
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